Standing Up for Victims of Sexual Violence in Conflict Areas

Standing Up for Victims of Sexual Violence in Conflict Areas

Photo credit: Foreign and Commonwealth Office

April 11, 2013 - London - Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird announces that Canada is taking further action to prevent sexual violence against women and girls in conflict areas. Canada will contribute $5 million this year to help prevent conflict-related sexual violence and to respond to the needs of victims.

“Sexual violence is not only a grave human rights violation but a huge barrier to peace, security and development,” said Baird. “I’m proud to say that today’s G-8 statement reflects the importance we place on ending the practice of early and forced marriage. It also reflects Canada’s leadership and steadfast resolve to end all forms of violence against women and girls abroad.”

Today’s announcement of a new, nearly US$35.5-million (approximately C$36 million) commitment by G-8 member states to help prevent sexual violence in conflict includes the new Canadian contribution of $5 million. An earlier Canadian contribution of $18.5-million over the next five years to prevent sexual violence related to the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo was announced by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Kinshasa in October 2012.

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