Minister Baird Meets with Nicaraguan Vice-President to Discuss Economic Relations and Other Bilateral and Regional Issues

Minister Baird met with General Omar Halleslevens

July 29, 2013 - Managua - Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird meets with Omar Halleslevens, Vice-President of Nicaragua, as part of his 13-day tour of Latin America to advance Canada’s engagement in the Americas. The two discussed Canada’s development assistance to Nicaragua, expansion of trade and investment, and regional security, among other issues.

“Canada’s relations with Nicaragua have matured over the years,” said Baird. “We are committed to expanding trade and investment opportunities in Nicaragua, which will contribute to sustaining economic growth in both countries. We also remain engaged in Nicaragua on promoting good governance, the rule of law, and social and economic development.”

Canada has a healthy trade and investment relationship with Nicaragua, with investments concentrated in mining, apparel manufacturing and energy generation.

Canada also has a strong working relationship with the Nicaraguan government in the delivery of development assistance, and sees Nicaragua as a solid partner in combatting regional insecurity.

Baird and Vice-President Halleslevens also discussed the growing security challenges in the region and Canada’s commitment to working with Nicaragua and other countries to improve the situation.

This is the first visit to Nicaragua by a Canadian foreign affairs minister since 1999.

To learn more about Canada’s relationship with Nicaragua, visit Canada-Nicaragua Relations.

Canada’s engagement in the Americas envisions a more prosperous, secure and democratic hemisphere. To learn more about Canada’s engagement in the Americas, visit The Americas: Our Neighbours, Our Priority.

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