Minister of State Yelich Views Unloading of Pulses from Saskatchewan in India

November 28, 2013 - Mumbai, India -  The Honourable Lynne Yelich, Minister of State (Foreign Affairs and Consular), visits the Mumbai Port Trust facilities to watch the unloading of yellow peas and red lentils from Saskatchewan shipped through Canada’s Asia-Pacific Gateway. The Mumbai port is the main entry point for pulses imported from Saskatchewan.

During her visit, Minister of State Yelich met with senior Mumbai Port officials and conveyed the Government of Canada’s strong support for and commitment to trade between Canada and India. Increasing agricultural trade with one of the world's fastest-growing markets means more opportunities for Canadian farmers and processors, more jobs in Canada and increased prosperity.

Over the last four years, pulses, such as peas, lentils and chickpeas, have been Canada’s top export to India. Canada supplies almost a quarter of all pulses consumed in India and accounts for 80 percent of India’s imports of the commodity. The value of Canadian pulse exports to India has grown 17 percent per year for the last 10 years and reached $504 million in 2012.

Canada’s exports of quality pulses help India achieve its food-security goals. In November 2012, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh welcomed ongoing collaboration between the two countries under the Memorandum of Understanding on Agriculture Cooperation and reaffirmed the importance of intensifying collaboration in the area of agriculture and fertilizers.

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