Improving Honduras' Health System

Today's announcement is for $16.5 million over five years in support of the Strengthening the Integrated Health Information System project in Honduras.

The project will improve the capacity of the Government of Honduras to standardize the collection of health data; procure, install, and maintain an innovative information and communication technology system; analyze data; and use this information as the basis for planning and resource allocation in the health sector. The project will particularly concentrate its efforts on improving maternal and child health data collection. The improved integrated public Health Information System in Honduras will ensure that national health policies and programs targeting quality health care to mothers and children are based on accurate and reliable data.

With Canada's support the public health system in Honduras will meet the reporting standards of the World Health Organization and the Pan-American Health Organization. The implementation of this project will also help to increase the transparency of strategic and financial planning and monitoring in Honduras's health system.

A Canadian executing agency for this project will be selected through a competitive process.

Project activities will include:

  • providing technical assistance to Honduras's Ministry of Health staff in developing standards and methodologies for data collection, processing, dissemination, and monitoring;
  • providing training to Ministry of Health staff for the application of standards and methodologies;
  • providing technical assistance to Ministry of Health staff in defining, procuring, and installing information and communication technology equipment, as well as using and maintaining the system;
  • providing technical assistance and training to Ministry of Health staff on data analysis; and
  • delivering training on the use of health information in strategic planning, resource allocation, and programming for select Ministry of Health senior and middle managers.

This project is aligned with Canada's world-leading efforts in improving maternal, newborn, and child health. One of Canada's main commitments is to assist developing countries in strengthening their health systems by working with partners to:

  • support national plans and priorities regarding maternal, newborn, and child health;
  • fill gaps in health systems (for example, by training more health workers, increasing access to health facilities, ensuring health facilities and personnel are sufficiently equipped, and implementing monitoring and evaluation mechanisms); and
  • expand access to services.

Today's announcement supports Canada's Strategy for Engagement in theAmericas. In 2007, the Prime Minister announced that reviving and expanding Canadian engagement in the Americas was a foreign policy priority. Canada's commitment to the Americas has never been stronger, and we remain steadfast in our commitment to play a bigger role in the hemisphere, and to do so for the long term. Canada’s Strategy for Engagement in theAmericas focuses on three goals:

  • increasing mutual economic opportunity;
  • addressing insecurity and advancing freedom, democracy, human rights and the rule of law; and
  • fostering lasting relationships.

Check the DFATD website for more information on Canada's commitment to improve maternal, newborn, and child health around the globe.

For Canada’s engagement in the Americas visit The Americas: Our Neighbours, Our Priority.