Canada partners with Coady International Institute to strengthen leadership in the developing world

Canada and the Coady International Institute are committed to strengthening the ability of emerging leaders in developing countries to address development challenges.

Today’s $8.4-million announcement will provide leadership and development training to more than 1,500 women and men from government, private sector, and civic organizations in developing countries. The training will focus on: 

  • empowering women and girls as leaders;
  • supporting inclusive and sustainable economic growth;
  • building resilient communities focused on food security and natural resources management; and
  • building accountable democracies.

The Investing in Leadership and Learning for Development Effectiveness project will improve the ability of emerging leaders in developing countries to implement innovative solutions to development challenges, influence public policy, and take on key decision-making roles in their country. It will also create a global alumni network to track graduates’ progress, and strengthen their capacity to deliver results and ensure sustainability.

Since 1981, Canada has contributed more than $30 million to the Coady International Institute for more than 30 leadership and training initiatives for mid-level professionals from developing countries.

Through its long-standing partnership with the Coady International Institute, Canada has helped to advance women’s economic empowerment in developing countries, stimulate economic growth, increase food security, and through this improve the health of mothers and children, support responsible resource management, and promote democratic governance.