Statement by Minister Fantino: Canada condemns killing of police officer guarding polio eradication health workers in Pakistan

April 11, 2013

Canada condemns this senseless attack on Pakistani police officers guarding a team of polio-eradication workers in northwestern Pakistan today.

Today's shooting in Pakistan reminds us of the dangers that polio eradication workers face every day as they risk their lives to keep children safe from this devastating disease.

My heart goes out to the friends and family of the police officer killed today. I also wish for a speedy recovery of the wounded officer.

We commend local officials who have condemned these attacks and have pledged to continue the vaccination campaign in spite of violent opposition. We urge the Pakistani government, religious and community leaders to assist in providing a safe environment for polio eradication workers and those that protect them.

Canada remains committed to a polio-free world.

Julian Fantino
Minister of International Cooperation