Statement by Minister Fantino: National We Day

April 29, 2013

On the occasion of National We Day, I applaud Canada's youth for their passion and commitment to shaping their future and helping to change the lives of those around the world.

Today's generation of young people is equipped like no other to pursue social change and to make a difference in a world where the good ideas of even just a few can dramatically improve the lives of many. With unstoppable will power, and a hopeful vision for what the world could be, today's young people are uniquely positioned to effect change.

Mark and Craig Kielburger, founders of Free the Children and Me to We, have been remarkable examples of what today's youth can accomplish, inspiring a new generation of Canadians to achieve their full potential as socially aware global citizens.

As we celebrate National We Day, I thank Mark and Craig, and all other young Canadians for refusing to let their age keep them from making a difference and changing the world.

Julian Fantino
Minister of International Cooperation