Baird Travels to Nigeria, Austria and France

Baird Travels to Nigeria, Austria and France

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird travels to Nigeria, Austria and France from October 8 to 12, 2012.

Baird begins his trip in Abuja, Nigeria, and meets with his Nigerian counterpart, Foreign Minister Olugbenga Ashiru, during the inaugural meeting of the Canada-Nigeria Binational Commission. Baird also meets with members of Nigerian civil society.

In Lagos, Nigeria’s commercial capital, Baird meets with representatives of the Nigerian business community and Canadian businesses working in Nigeria to discuss opportunities to create jobs and growth in both countries.

In Vienna, Baird visits with senior officials and technical experts from the International Atomic Energy Agency to discuss the international security threats posed by Iran and North Korea. The Minister also meets with his Austrian counterpart to discuss key areas of cooperation bilaterally and more broadly in the EU.

Baird concludes his trip in Paris, where he meets with his French counterpart, Laurent Fabius. The pair focus on deepening an already strong and broad-based relationship between France and Canada. They also discuss global issues of mutual importance, including the Syria crisis. Baird also meets with Bernard Cazeneuve, the Minister Delegate to European Affairs, to discuss current European issues, including fiscal reform and trade.

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