Baird Meets with Jordan’s Foreign Minister and Tours Zaatari Refugee Camp

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Location: Amman, Jordan

Description: Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird meets with Jordan's Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh and tours the Zaatari refugee camp. The two ministers discussed the crisis in Syria and the security situation in the Middle East, as well as Canada-Jordan bilateral relations. They also discussed Jordan’s welcoming of tens of thousands of Syrian refugees, a valuable contribution to the international response to the crisis in Syria. The Zaatari refugee camp in northern Jordan houses some 30,000 Syrian refugees.

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We’re here in Amman, Jordan. Yesterday we traveled to the north of the country, to visit a refugee camp with more than 5000 Syrian refugees. We met a lot of Syrian refugees, talked to them about their experiences and the violence that they fled and their hopes for the future, how they’re struggling in being away from home.

We had great meetings with Nasser Judeh, the foreign minister who is a great friend of mine, a great friend of Canada’s, and then this morning had a chance to meet with His Majesty. Both he and his father have been close friends of Canada for many years, to get their perspective on the changes in Syria and what we can do working together to try to facilitate change.