Middle East Peace Process

Finding a Solution for Refugees

Any lasting and comprehensive peace in the Middle East must include a solution for refugees. Canada supports research and activities that aim to improve understanding of the core refugee issues.

Chair of Refugee Working Group
Canada was asked to assume the chair of the Refugee Working Group (RWG) in 1992, which was established to complement local efforts to address the issue of refugees while the group's activities were suspended in 1996. Canada has retained a leadership role and has recently renewed an international dialogue on the issue through the Refugee Coordination Forum.

Canada Camp
Between 1994 and 2000, Canada funded a program to relocate Palestinian refugees from Canada Camp, in the Egyptian Sinai desert, to Gaza. By the end of 2000, all the families from Canada Camp were repatriated to the Gaza Strip.

Scholarship Fund for Palestinian Refugee Women in Lebanon
More than 200 women from Palestinian refugee communities in Lebanon have received scholarships from this fund to pursue local undergraduate university degrees and develop professional and management skills in such sectors as business, engineering, biology and science. The fund is managed by the International Development and Research Centre on behalf of the Canadian International Development Agency.

The Canada Fund is a development programme administered by Canadian missions in the region which aims to assist non-governmental organizations to carry out small innovative development projects.