Canada and the Organization of American States

Canada's renewed Strategy for Engagement in the Americas identifies the OAS and inter-American institutions as important multilateral vehicles for advancing our goals of increasing mutual economic opportunity, strengthening security and institutions, and fostering lasting relationships.

Canada’s Priorities at the OAS

Canada’s areas of strongest engagement at the OAS are democracy and human rights, security and conflict prevention, and institutional reform. Canada is also working with the OAS to foster market-based sustainable economic growth in the region. For more information, see Canada’s Priorities at the OAS.

Permanent Mission of Canada to the OAS

Canada is represented at the OAS by a Permanent Mission. The role of the Permanent Mission is to advance Canadian objectives and interests through the OAS and to work with hemispheric partners through the organization. For contact information, please see Permanent Mission of Canada to the OAS.

The OAS and Inter-American System

Canada considers the OAS as the hemisphere’s premier multilateral forum. Along with the Summit of the Americas process and broader inter-American system, the OAS provides a key venue for hemispheric cooperation on issues of common interest. For more information, see Overview of the OAS and Inter-American System.

Canada’s Contributions to the OAS

Canada is among the OAS’ largest providers of regular and voluntary contributions, and has made significant contributions to some of the OAS’ greatest collective achievements—such as the establishment of an Inter-American Democratic Charter in 2001, the 2003 Declaration on Security in the Americas (PDF Version, 83 KB)Footnote *, the adoption of the Social Charter of the Americas (DOC Version, 108 KB)Footnote * in 2012, and a long-running program to promote corporate social responsibility.

OAS Scholarships and Fellowships

A number of OAS academic and professional development scholarships and fellowship programs are open to Canadian citizens or permanent residents.


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