Canada’s priorities at the Organization of American States

The Organization of American States (OAS) is an important multilateral vehicle for advancing Canada's goals of increasing mutual economic opportunity, strengthening security and institutions, and fostering lasting relationships.

Canada places great value on building and nurturing relationships with partners in the Americas. In this endeavour, inter-American institutions such as the Summit of the Americas process, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) are also key fora for hemispheric cooperation.

Canada’s priorities

Canada’s strongest engagement at the OAS is in the areas of democracy, human rights and security. Our specific priorities at the OAS are:

  1. Contribute to building a stable foundation for the Inter-American Human Rights System in support of diversity and pluralism.
  2. Promote democracy, governance, public safety and security through collaboration with inter-American organs and agencies.
  3. Support multilateral action in the Americas to advance global sustainability goals, including fostering economic growth and opportunity.

A number of Canada's efforts touch all three of these priorities. Canada’s cross-cutting thematic areas are: institutional strengthening, human rights, gender issues and indigenous populations, security and public safety, and alignment with the 2030 SDGs.

Canada’s contribution

Peruvian children with Canadian flags

Children at a Canadian-funded UNICEF project in Ucayli, Peru. (Photo courtesy of Embassy of Canada to Peru and Bolivia)

Since joining the OAS in 1990, Canada has made significant contributions to OAS’ collective achievements, including through the establishment of the Inter-American Democratic Charter, the adoption of the Social Charter of the Americas (DOC Version, 108 KB)Footnote *, and the elaboration of a Declaration on Security in the Americas (PDF Version, 83 KB)Footnote *. To ensure that the OAS plays an effective role in the hemisphere, Canada has promoted institutional reform. Canada is also working with the OAS to foster both sustainable development and growth with equity.

Through its diplomatic engagement and financial support, Canada has contributed to policy development and the implementation of projects in areas of key Canadian interest, which complement and leverage the impact of Canada’s bilateral interventions in the region.


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