Canada and the OECD

Canada is one of the 20 founding members of the OECD. Just as Canada was committed to strengthening the economic cooperation of the Marshall Plan, Canada contributed to the creation of the OECD with the goal of promoting economic growth as a path to stability.

Canada views the OECD as a key forum to discuss international and domestic economic and social issues. OECD Peer reviews on Canada assess Canadian policies and provide useful recommendations to improve performance in a wide range of areas. Many reports and data are often published on Canada.

Canada ranks 7th in terms of assessed contributions to the OECD paying 3.84% of members’ contributions. In Canada, the three levels of government and about thirty separate federal government departments/agencies are involved in OECD work, contributing to and benefiting from efforts to better understand and help governments respond to current and new challenges.

Canada is very active in the OECD at the Committee level and Canadians currently chair several Committees and Working parties