Connecting with the OECD


  • OECD Website
    This site contains a wealth or information about the OECD and OECD work. You can browse by topic, country, search for publications and statistics.
  • Canada-OECD Web page
    This page has everything you need to know about Canada and the OECD.
  • My OECD/OECD Direct
    These services allow you to create a personalized OECD Homepage featuring OECD work of particular interest to you. OECD Direct allows you to create personalized email alerts with information about new OECD publications and events.
  • Through this site you can access the online Directory of Bodies, presenting the madates, membership and officers of the various OECD bodies.
  • OECD iLibrary (formerly SourceOECD) is the OECD's online library of statistical databases, books and periodicals designed to meet the needs of institutions like universities, government departments, inter-governmental agencies, non-governmental organisations, companies, think-tanks, and research groups.
  • The OECD’s on-line bookshop is a comprehensive catalogue of OECD publications and databases. Books, Outlooks, CD-Roms and statistics publications are available for purchase on this site.