The Permanent Delegation

The Permanent Delegation of Canada to the OECD is comprised of an Ambassador and a team of thirteen diplomats and locally engaged employees.  The overriding objective of the Delegation is to ensure a coherent and coordinated approach to the OECD reflecting the priorities of the Canadian government. The Ambassador represents Canada in the organisation’s governing body, the OECD Council, and in collaboration with the other Ambassadors determines the organisation’s programme of work and budget.

The Delegation’s team strives to maximize the utility of the OECD to Canadian policy makers by:

  • Advancing Canadian views and positions within the organisation
  • Managing the OECD’s institutional governance by representing Canada in the administrative bodies of the organisation (Council, Executive Committee, Budget Committee, External Relations Committee, Evaluation Committee)
  • Representing Canada in some substantive OECD Committee meetings
  • Supporting Canadian delegates from all levels of government participating in OECD meetings (about 600 hundred every year)
  • Disseminating the results of OECD Work
  • Increasing public knowledge of the role of the OECD in the international architecture and Canada’s role in the OECD.