The Permanent Delegation

Canada, like every member country of the OECD, has an Ambassador and a team of diplomats that make up the Permanent Delegation of Canada at the OECD. The Permanent Delegation works to represent and promote Canadian interests at the OECD. The Ambassador participates in the organisation’s governing body, the OECD Council, and in collaboration with the other Ambassadors determines the organisation’s programme of work and validates work produced by the organisation. As a member of Council, the Ambassador also establishes the size of the OECD’s budget and the assessed contributions made to the organisation. Other members of the Delegation participate in the work of the organisation's other institutional bodies.

Canada's Permanent Delegation also provides policy analysis and advice to decision makers in support of Government priorities based on the research done at the OECD. By closely monitoring the work of OECD committees and continually liaising between the OECD Secretariat and the Canadian government, the Permanent Delegation is able to effectively disseminate OECD expertise.

Over two hundred Canadian delegates from all levels of government participate in OECD working parties and committee meetings. The Permanent Delegation helps to ensure a coherent and coordinated approach among all the Canadian delegates. Seeking a whole of government view across the enormous scope of economic and social policies addressed by the OECD is an ongoing requirement for the Permanent Delegation.