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Canada Reception Centres at the Ottawa MacDonald-Cartier International Airport

Note XDV -0095 of June 15, 2012

The Office of Protocol manages the Canada Reception Centres on behalf of the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade to welcome Foreign Dignitaries to Ottawa. There are two sites at the Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport: Hangar 11 for dedicated aircraft and the Airport Lounge for commercial travel.1

Hangar 11 and Airport Lounge

(A) Canada Reception Centre (Hangar 11)

The Canada Reception Centre (CRC) Hangar 11 welcomes guests of the Government of Canada and other Dignitaries travelling on dedicated aircraft to and from the Nation=s Capital. Reservations for the use of this facility are made by the Official Visits Division of the Office of Protocol.

  1. Reservation of the CRC Hangar 11 must be made 24 hours prior to the arrival/departure.
  2. To make a request please contact the Official Visits Division of the Office of Protocol by e-mail at or by phone at (613) 996-9866 or by fax at (613) 995-5661.
  3. The Official Visits Division manages Courtesy Clearances for individuals or groups on dedicated aircraft when they are entitled to such courtesies.
  4. Please refer to attached map for directions.

(B) Canada Reception Centre (Airport Lounge)

The Canada Reception Centre (CRC) Airport Lounge welcomes guests of the Government of Canada, Heads of Missions and other dignitaries travelling on commercial aircraft to and from the Nation's Capital.

Hours of Operation

The CRC Airport Lounge is open and staffed from 0800 hours - 2000 hours Monday to Friday but available upon prior request outside these hours.

Reservation of the CRC Airport Lounge weekdays must be made by fax before 1200 hours, the day prior to arrival/departure.

Use of the CRC Airport Lounge during weekends requires notice by 1200 hours on Friday


The CRC Lounge offers a comfortable setting with telephone, fax and internet capability. As well, the CRC Airport Lounge offers light snacks and refreshments (non-alcoholic).

We are pleased to extend the services of the CRC Airport Lounge to the following:

  1. Heads of Diplomatic Missions:
    • when departing Ottawa on official travel. Booking form is attached.
  2. Guests eligible for Canadian Border Service Agency (CBSA) Courtesy or   Expedited Clearance:
    • Individuals or groups entitled to Courtesy or Expedited Clearances are eligible to use the CRC Airport Lounge, once authorized by the Office of Protocol.
    • Courtesy and Expedited Clearances are managed by the Official Visits Division of the Office of Protocol, though eligibility is determined by the Canada Border Services Agency.
    • Information related to Courtesy and Expedited Clearances and who is entitled to them is available in Circular Note XDV-0093 of June 14, 2012.
    • All requests for Courtesy Clearances must be made 72 prior to an arrival and forwarded to the Official Visits Division of the Office of Protocol (fax: 613-995-5661; tel: 613-996-9866).

Please note that the lounge in not made available to greet family members or personal guests.

Information regarding Parking

The diplomatic parking area is located in the covered parking garage (first level) for diplomatic plated vehicles. There are 10 parking spaces available. Please see Circular Note XDC-1422 of September 8, 2011.

Information regarding Security Screening

Security Screening at Canadian Airports

Security screening at all Canadian airports is the responsibility of CATSA (the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority) per the regulations of Transport Canada. Certain high level government officials and members of their immediate families who travel with them are exempt from security screening. Eligibility for security screening exemption is determined by Transport Canada. All other travellers must be screened before boarding domestic and international flights. This includes hand-wanding and other required searches. By special request screening may be completed in a private room, but such arrangements are usually more time-consuming than simply passing through the usual screening checkpoints.

1 This note succeeds the Department's Circular Note XDV-0036 of April 2009.


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