Diplomatic Security Services at the Office of Protocol

The Diplomatic Security Liaison Office within the Office of Protocol is responsible for serves as the primary point of contact for diplomatic missions regarding security for both official events and mission and consular personnel, as well in cases requring a liaison between the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, foreign representatives, and Canadian police of local jurisdiction. This office is also a valuable information source for Canadians and foreign representatives alike concerning the Government of Canada's international obligations regarding the safety and security of foreign missions in Canada, and the policies and procedures that help us meet those obligations.

Most requests for services through the Diplomatic Security Liaison Office should be initiated by way of diplomatic note from a diplomatic mission to the Department of Foreign Affairs (Office of Protocol). Contact the Diplomatic Security Office if you are not sure whether a particular request needs to be submitted through official channels.

It should be noted that requests for certain services under the responsibility of other government departments by foreign representatives and their offices must also initiated through the Diplomatic Security Liaison Office. In many cases, the responsible agency's internal procedures for providing the service will not, due to internal regulations or procedures, provide services to a foreign representative without prior notification from the Office of Protocol’s Diplomatic Security Liaison Office. Check with the following list of services to make sure that your requests are being directed to the appropriate office.

Security Services:

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Canadian Authorities:

Partners and Collaborators

The Diplomatic Security Liaison Office and the Office of Protocol are proud to work in cooperation with partners from police agencies across Canada and other offices from all levels of government. You can find out more about our partners and collaborators by visiting the links below.

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