Policies, guidelines and key information


About the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD)

Accreditation: Administrative Policies and Guidelines Governing the Accreditation of Foreign Representatives

Accreditation: Appropriate Use of Office of Protocol Identity Cards

Accreditation: Members of the Service Staff

Accreditation: Non-Resident Foreign Repesentatives

Accreditation: Policy on the Designation of Home-based Staff and on the Terminology Relating to Diplomatic and Consular Premises

Accreditation: Policy Regarding Expired Acceptances and Identity cards

Accreditation: Travel Document Requirements - Admin & Techs and Consular Employees

Accreditation: Validity Period and Conditions of Acceptances Granted to Children Aged 19 to 25

Airports: National Airport Courtesy Program

Canada Reception Centres at the Ottawa MacDonald-Cartier International Airport

Airports: Access to diplomatic parking at the Ottawa MacDonald-Cartier International Airport

Airports: Issuance of Airport Restricted Area Passes

Airports: Parking at the Ottawa Macdonald-Cartier International Airport

Airports: Parking at the Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport in Montreal

Airports: Temporary resident visas for all passengers during technical/refuelling stops as well as during transit stops at all Canadian airports

Approval of an Award of a Commonwealth and/or Foreign Order, Decoration or Medal to a Canadian Citizen


Birth in Canada of Children of Foreign Representatives


Canada Reception Centres: See Airports

Canadian Citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada, Appointment of as Foreign Representatives

Chargés d'affaires, a.i. and Acting High Commissioners, Appointment of

Circular Note 2008/3 (May 5, 2009) on Health Care

Consular Matters: Collection of Personal Information, Building Information, and After-Hours Contact Details in the Event of an Emergency

Consular Officers: Appointment and Admission of Career Consular Officers


Diplomatic Bags: Canadian Policy and Practice on the Screening of Diplomatic Bags

Domestic Workers in Diplomatic Households: Hiring a Domestic Worker & Related Accreditation Program


Elections: Foreign Elections in Canada and Foreign Electoral Constituencies

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

Emergency and Residential Contact Information

Employment of Family Members of Foreign Representatives

Establishment of Diplomatic Missions and Consular Posts in Canada


Family Matters: Members of the Family Forming Part of the Household: The Case of Children, Parents and In-Laws

Family Matters: Members of the Family Forming Part of the Household: The Case of Spouses and Unmarried Partners

Foreign Criminal Investigations: Protocol on Foreign Criminal Investigators in Canada

Foreign Nationals: Access to Personal Information About Foreign Nationals


Guidelines Relating to Signature Specimens for the New Identity Card


Heads of Mission: The Agrément Process and Other Formalities Relating to Bilateral Heads of Mission

Health Care for Diplomats in Ontario

Honorary Consular Officers: Guidelines for the Establishment of Consular Posts Headed by Honorary Consular Officers and Appointments of Honorary Consular Officers

Hydro: Exemption on the Debt Retirement Charge (DRC) payable on electricity consumed in Ontario


ICAO: Diplomatic Agents and Consular Officers as Representatives to ICAO

Impaired Driving Policy

Imports: Alcohol & Special Events

Imports: Customs Privileges for Diplomatic Missions, Consular Posts and Accredited International Organizations (CBSA)

Imports: LCBO – Discover the World

Imports: LCBO - New 49% Discount of Retail Price

Imports of Vehicles: See Vehicles

Impound of Vehicles: See Vehicles

Interns: Guidance for Bilateral Missions


LCBO: See Imports

License plates: See Vehicles

Lieu of Personal Residences

Lieu of Residence and Detachment of Members of Diplomatic Missions Outside the National Capital Region

Linguistic Duality in Canada: Successful Initiatives by Foreign Missions in Communicating with a Larger Audience

Locally-Engaged Staff: What Missions Must Know and Do

Lounge access at Lester B. Pearson International Airport in Toronto


Marriages Performed on Diplomatic and Consular Premises

Military, Defence, Naval and Air Attachés


Parking at Airports: See Airports

Permanent Residence Status: Facilities offered to foreign representatives and their accompanying family members wishing to acquire permanent resident status

Personal Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Other Taxes Arising from Sources Within Canada

Policy Regarding Waste and Recycling Collection (City of Ottawa)

Policy Respecting the Awarding of an Order, Decoration or Medal by a Commonwealth or Foreign Government

Pre-Arrival Notification, International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

Privacy Policy: Safeguarding the Personal Information of Members of the Diplomatic Community

Procedure for Transferring Special (red) Licence Plates in the Province of Ontario

Procedures for the Replacement of Lost or Stolen Identity Cards

Property: Acquisition, Disposition and Development of Real Property in Canada

Property: Updating Official Addresses of Foregin States in Canada


Radio Licences: Application for Licence to Install and Operate a Radio Station in Canada

Rebate of the Federal Excise Tax (FET) on personal purchases of Fuel and Diesel

Refund of the Ontario Provincial Tax on personal purchases of Gasoline Fuel and Diesel

Request for approval of an award of a Commonwealth and/ or Foreign Order, Decoration or Medal to a Canadian Citizen

Requests for information regarding police (and other) investigations

Requirements Regarding the Submission of Photographs for New Appointments and Extensions (Renewals) of Acceptances

Residential Address of Foreign Representatives Based in Canada


Security passes for persons meeting diplomatic couriers at the Lester B. Pearson International Airport

Security: Requests for Protective Policing Services

Service of Originating Documents in Judicial and Administrative Proceedings Against the Government of Canada in other States

Signing Authorities for the Importation of Goods (National Capital Region and Greater Toronto Area)

Signing Authorities

Studies: Applications by Family Members of Departing Foreign Representatives to Pursue Studies in Canada


Tax on insurance premiums other than marine

Tax Privileges: GST and HST Rebate Procedures

Tax Privileges: Customs Privileges for Diplomatic Missions, Consular Posts and Accredited International Organizations (CBSA)

Tax Exemption: Introduction of the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) in Ontario

Tax Exemption: Introduction of the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) in Prince Edward Island

Tax Privileges: Elimination of the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) in British Columbia and Reinstatement of Points-of-Sale Exemption of the Provincial Sales Tax (PST)

Tax Exemptions: Payment of Municipal Taxes in Respect to Real Property Used for Commercial Activities

Tax Exemptions: Update on the Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax Rebate Application Process

Traffic Matters: Driving Practices and Traffic Infractions


Vehicles: Automobile Insurance in Ontario

Vehicles: Issuance of Licence Plates to Foreign Representatives, including to Honorary Consular Officers

Vehicles: Purchase, Sale and Importation

Vehicles: Use of Diplomatic Loading Zones in Ottawa

Vehicles: Impound Legislation in the Province of Ontario