Telephone directory and core services

Overflight clearances & airport courtesy

National Airport Courtesy Program Coordinator, Official Visits Division of the Office of Protocol
Please call: 343-203-3032
Fax: 613-995-5661

Overflight Clearances (Civilian Flights), Services Trade Policy Division, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
Please call: 343-203-4473
Fax: 613-944-0058

Overflight Clearances (Military Flights), Defense and Security Relations Division, Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada
Please call: 343-203-3174
Fax: 613-992-2482

General information

Lester B. Pearson Building, Tower A
125 Sussex Drive, Ottawa, K1A 0G2

343-203-3002 (Lucette Bertrand, Protocol Services Assistant)

After-hours operation number

Fax: 613-943-1075
Email address:
Web site:


Deputy Chief of Protocol & Director, Diplomatic Corps Services
Mary Anne Dehler (from September 5, 2017): 343-203-3015

Deputy Director, Heads of Mission & Outreach Programmes
Marie-Josée Rhéaume: 343-203-3007

Deputy Director, Privileges, Immunities and Accreditation
Stéphane Henry: 343-203-3021

Administrative Assistant / Honours and Awards – Liaison with the Chancellery of Honours
Cristina Cairncross: 343-203-3014

Core services


Coordinator, Diplomatic Corps Outreach
Michelle D'Aoust: 343-203-3009


  • Diplomatic Corps events
  • Liaison

Programme for Heads of Missions

Email address:

Coordinator, Programme for Heads of Missions
Nina Sincennes: 343-203-3008


  • Agréments – Ambassadors and High Commissioners
  • Letters of appointment – Ambassadors and High Commissioners
  • Arrivals and departures – Ambassadors and High Commissioners (first arrival and final departure only)
  • Ceremonial – presentation of credentials for Heads of Missions

Privileges and Immunities

Manager, Privileges and Immunities
Chantal Schryburt : 343-203-2983

Advisor, Privileges and Immunities
Julien Pitre: 343-203-2973


  • Opening and closure of diplomatic missions and consular posts
  • Acquisition, disposition and development of real estate property
  • Reciprocal employment agreements
  • Fiscal and customs and excise privileges
  • Alcohol and tobacco, reciprocity and restrictions
  • Diplomatic and consular bags, access to restricted areas in airport terminals, and other border / cross-border matters
  • Statistical studies and reports


Manager, Accreditation and Registrar
Magdalena Molaire Calixte: 343-203-3018
(Also Editor of the publication Diplomatic, Consular and Other Representatives in Canada.)

Accreditation Processing Officers:

Sophie Paradis: 343-203-3016 (Afghanistan to China; France; Pakistan)

Jason Cabana: 343-203-3012 (Colombia to Holy See; Saudi Arabia | COSPAS-SARSAT | EGMONT | IFDD | HKETO | European Delegation | INWEH | IICA | PGD | UNEP (Multilateral Fund) | UNEP/SCBD | UIS-UNESCO)

Nicole Plante: 343-203-3019 (Honduras to Mauritius; Russia |CEC | COL | IAEA | NPAFC | IOM)

Brigitte Mbambi Voumbi: 343-203-3020 (Mexico to Serbia | ICAO/Delegation & Secretariat); Military Attachés and Honorary Consular Officers

Susan MacMillan Eckerlin (Larabie): 343-203-3017 (Seychelles to Zimbabwe | NAFO | PICES | TECO | UNHCR |PSC)


  • Processing of requests for accreditation and prorogation of accreditation, issuance of associated documents (acceptances, identification cards, etc.)
  • Vehicle registration and driver’s licences (Province of Ontario only) Fishing licences
  • Notifications of departure of foreign representatives
  • Processing of requests for appointments of military attachés
  • Opening of consular posts led by honorary consular officers and appointment process for honorary consular officers
  • Signing authority
  • Appointments of Chargés d’Affaires a.i. to Canada

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Liaison

Email address:

Senior Advisor and IRCC Liaison Officer
Rennie Soobrattee: 343-203-3011


  • Requests for temporary resident visas and related issues
  • Liaison with IRCC and the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA)
  • Private servants, status and contractual agreements
  • Policy concerning accredited former family members who want to stay and study in Canada, and processing requests
  • Temporary / permanent resident status


Diplomatic Security and Safety

Diplomatic Security and Safety Liaison Officer (RCMP)
Heather Harding-Legault: 343-203-2976

Assistant, Diplomatic Security and Safety Liaison
William (Bill) Guerrero: 343-203-3013


  • Liaison with the RCMP and other police forces and liaison with law enforcement agencies
  • Liaison with community organizations
  • Criminal procedures / prosecution
  • Cases of spousal abuse / family violence
  • Traffic violations and other infractions
  • Security consultations – diplomatic missions and consular posts
  • Firearms permits
  • Diplomatic loading zones