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Coming to Canada as a State Member representative or an official of an international organization?

Knowing ahead what to expect about a multilateral posting in Canada is key. On this page, currently under development, you will find important information, links and resources to help plan your arrival at the Canadian border and your stay in Canada.

Know what to expect before you arrive on posting

  • Prospective State Member Representatives to the International Civil Aviation Organization in Montreal
  • Do you need a visa?
  • Arriving in the Canada customs area
  • Accompanying family members including parents or in-laws?
  • Your personal baggage
  • Importing personal goods into Canada, including alcohol and tobacco
  • Vehicles
  • Food, plant and animal products
  • Firearms and restrictions

What you should know during your posting

  • Dual accreditation: the case of diplomats and consular officers who are appointed as State Member Representativse to the International Civil Aviation Organization in Montreal
  • Tax exemptions
  • Customs and excise exemptions
  • Employment of family members
  • Vehicles
  • Children and their studies
  • Purchasing property in Canada

About the end of your posting

  • Sale of property
  • Sale of vehicles
  • Are your family members staying in Canada to study following your posting?
  • Can family members who work retain their work authorization/visa?

Staying in Canada or returning to Canada after your posting

  • Have the proper visa and ID
  • Applying for permanent resident status of Canada



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