The Religious Freedom Fund

The Religious Freedom Fund finances projects outside Canada to help religious communities that are facing intolerance or persecution in their country.

More specifically, the Fund is aimed at projects that will accomplish the following:

  • Raise awareness about issues related to freedom of religion or belief by providing financial support to multilateral organizations for their activities, including interreligious dialogue and education on religious tolerance, freedom of religion or belief, and pluralism;
  • Conduct research on freedom of religion or belief that provides governments and decision-makers the world over with sources of information and analysis related to freedom of religion or belief; 
  • Provide support for projects designed to support dialogue among different religious groups leading to clearly identified outcomes in countries where religious issues are principal factors of conflict between communities;
  • Provide legal and legislative or related forms of support on issues of freedom of religion or belief in order to build capacities and help defend communities that are targeted because of their faith.

Possible activities

Awareness projects that help integrate issues of tolerance and education on freedom of religion or belief
The Fund may support multilateral organizations that work directly or indirectly on freedom of religion or belief and/or on tolerance and dialogue among different religious groups.

Research on freedom of religion to support government engagement in the area of religious tolerance and pluralism
The Fund may support academics or research groups that study freedom of religion or belief and develop tools to help the government understand freedom of religion or belief and discrimination against religious minorities.  

Conferences and seminars on promoting interreligious dialogue  
The Fund may support the development of networks and the creation of meeting opportunities at conferences or seminars to bring together stakeholders directly involved in studying freedom of religion or belief.

Legal support or specialized services to support freedom of religion or belief and respect for pluralism on behalf of persecuted groups or individuals
The Fund may support activities associated with providing training on freedom of religion or belief and assistance to individuals or communities through legal, legislative and regulatory frameworks.

Please note: The Fund only finances projects that take place abroad. Canada-based activities are not eligible.   Presently, funding is available for projects with an end date no later than March 2016.

Eligible recipients

Financial grants and contributions are available for projects administered by the following types of organizations:

  • Non-governmental, community, religious, academic and not-for-profit organizations based in foreign countries;

  • International, intergovernmental, multilateral and regional organizations; and

  • Canadian non-governmental, community, religious, academic and not-for-profit organizations operating abroad.

To submit a project to the Religious Freedom Fund, you must fill out the project proposal template. Once it has been received, if the project is eligible, the project will be sent to the Canadian mission of the country where the project is to be implemented. We will contact you after we have received recommendations from the mission. Once the proposals have been evaluated, each partner will be contacted by email.   

When a call for proposals is launched, carefully read the information provided to ensure that you are an eligible organization to apply on that call, and that your initiative responds to the criteria specified.

For notification of future calls for proposals, please subscribe to receive email notices.