Consolidated Special Economic Measures Act Sanctions List

The Consolidated Special Economic Measures Act Sanctions List includes individuals and entities subject to specific sanctions regulations made under the Special Economic Measures Act (SEMA).

The inclusion of these names on this list is for administrative purposes only. The Consolidated SEMA Sanctions List is not a regulation, and it does not have force of law.

The current version of this list is provided in HTML, PDF, and XML formats.

Please note that this list was last updated on October 19th, 2017. Regulations are updated frequently; therefore this version of the list may not be up-to-date.

For accurate information on which provisions from a given sanctions regulation apply to a specific individual or entity, reference must be made to the relevant regulations in which that individual or entity is listed.

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Consolidated Special Economic Measures Act Sanctions List
Country RegulationEntityTitleLast NameGiven NamesAliasesDate of Birth
ScheduleItem #
BurmaAir Bagan   Air Bagan Holdings Pte. Ltd., Air Bagan Limited 11
BurmaBandoola Transportation Co. Ltd.     12
BurmaBerger Paint Manufacturing Co. Ltd.     13
BurmaDagon Brewery     14
BurmaGranite Tile Factory (Kyaikto)     15
BurmaHantha Waddy Golf Resort and Myodaw (City) Club Ltd.     16
BurmaHtoo Furniture   Htoo Wood, Htoo Wood Products, Htoo Wood Products Pte. Limited, Htoo Wood-Based Industry 17
BurmaHtoo Group of Companies   Htoo Trading Company Limited, Htoo Trading Group Company 18
BurmaInnwa Bank     19
BurmaMEC Disposable Syringe Factory     110
BurmaMEC Marble Mine     111
BurmaMEC Marble Tiles Factory     112
BurmaMEC Burma Cable Wire Factory     113
BurmaMEC Oxygen and Gases Factory     114
BurmaMEC Ship Breaking Service     115
BurmaMEC Steel Mills (Hmaw Bi/Pyi/Ywama)     116
BurmaMICB   Myanma Investment and Commercial Bank, Burma Investment and Commercial Bank 117
BurmaMyaing Galay (Rhino Brand) Cement Factory     118
BurmaMyanma Economic Bank   Burma Economic Bank 119
BurmaMyanma Economic Corporation (MEC)     120
BurmaMyanma Foreign Trade Bank   Burma Foreign Trade Bank 121
BurmaBurma Ar (Power) Construction Services     122
BurmaBurma Brewery Ltd.     123
BurmaBurma Daewoo International     124
BurmaBurma Imperial Jade Co. Ltd.     125
BurmaBurma Nouveau Steel Co. Ltd.     126
BurmaBurma Posco Steel Co. Ltd.     127
BurmaBurma Rubber Wood Co. Ltd.     128
BurmaBurma Ruby Enterprise     129
BurmaBurma Segal International Ltd.     130
BurmaMyawaddy Bank Ltd.     131
BurmaMyawaddy Trading Ltd.     132
BurmaMyawaddy Travel Services     133
BurmaNational Development Corp.     134
BurmaNawaday Hotel and Travel Services     135
BurmaNgwe Pin Le (Silver Sea) Livestock Breeding and Fishery Co.     136
BurmaPavo Trading Pte. Ltd.     137
BurmaRothman of Pall Mall Burma Private Ltd.     138
BurmaSin Min (King Elephants) Cement Factory (Kyaukse)     139
BurmaSoap Factory (Paung)     140
BurmaThe First Automotive Co. Ltd.     141
BurmaUnion of Burma Economic Holding Ltd.     142
BurmaYuzana Company Limited   Yuzana Construction 143
BurmaZay Gabar Company   Zaykabar Company 144
Burma  ShweThan 02/02/193321
Burma  AyeMaung 25/12/193722
Burma  ThetKhin Lay 19/06/194723
Burma  MannAung ThetShwe Mann Ko Ko19/06/197724
Burma  MannToe Naing 29/06/197825
Burma  LattZay Zin 24/03/198126
Burma  OoTin Aung Myint 27/05/195027
Burma  WinKyaw 03/01/194428
Burma  MyintYe 21/10/194329
Burma  MyintTin Lin 25/01/1947210
Burma  HtweAung 01/02/1943211
Burma  BoMaung  16/02/1945212
Burma  TheinTin Naing 1955213
Burma  TunSaw 08/05/1935214
Burma  NyeinChan Chang Nyein1944215
Burma  MinZaw  10/01/1949216
Burma  ThiLun  18/07/1940217
Burma  TunHla  11/07/1951218
Burma  WinNyan  22/01/1953219
Burma  MyintKyaw  1940220
Burma  OoMaung  1952221
Burma  LwinSaw  1939222
Burma  ThaSoe  1945223
Burma  Thaung  06/07/1937224
Burma  ZawThein  20/10/1951225
Burma  ThuKyaw  15/08/1949226
Burma  OoMya  25/01/1940227
Burma  SweMyint  24/05/1951228
Burma  HsintHsan 1951229
Burma  SeinThan  01/02/1946230
Burma  ZaTay  08/07/1964231
Burma  ZawThidar  24/02/1964232
Burma  ZaPye Phyo Tay 29/01/1987233
Burma  Thiha  24/06/1960234
Burma  ShweKhin  21/01/1952235
Burma  ThihaZay  01/01/1977236
Burma  NyuntKhin  11/10/1939237
Burma  ShweKhin Win 06/10/1940238
IranAerospace Industries Organization (AIO)/Organisation iranienne des industries aérospatiales     11
IranAerospace Research Institute/Institut de recherche aérospatiale     12
IranAlp Company (PJS)     13
IranAna Trading Company     14
IranArmed Forces Geographical Organization/Organisation géographique des forces armées     15
IranBank Saderat     16
IranBoweir Sanaat     17
IranDefence Industries Organization Training and Research Institute/Institut de recherche et de formation de l'organisation des industries de la défense     18
IranDEMCO, Designing Engineering & Manufacturing Co.     19
IranDesigning, Engineering & Manufacturing Development of Iran Khodro Co. (DEMICO) Heavy Metal Industries (HMI)     110
IranEcxir Trading Company (ETC)     111
IranEsfahan Chemical Industries     112
IranEsfahan Steel Co.     113
IranEttehad Aluminat Industrial Production Co.     114
IranEverend Asia Co. Machines & Indus. Services     115
IranFan Pardazan     116
IranFaranir     117
IranFarj Marine Industries     118
IranGhavifekr Technical and Industrial Group     119
IranHara Institute/Institut Hara     120
IranHelal Company     121
IranIman Hossein University/Université Iman Hossein     122
IranInstitute of Applied Physics/Institut de physique appliquée     123
IranIran Aircraft Industries (IACI)     124
IranIran Aircraft Manufacturing Industries    IAMI, IAMCO, HESA, HASA, Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Company, Iran Aircraft Mfg. In. Co., Iran Aircraft Manufacturing Industries Corporation, Havapeyma Sazhran, Hava Payma Sazi-E Iran, Havapeyma Sazi Iran, HESA Trade Center, Karkhanejate Sanaye Havapaymaie Iran 125
IranIran Communications Industries (ICI)     126
IranIran Electronics Industries (IEI)     127
IranIran Tractor Manufacturing Company     128
IranIran Transfo Company     129
IranIran Uranium Enrichment Company     130
IranIranian Army/Armée iranienne     131
IranIranian Committee for the Reconstruction of Lebanon     132
IranIranian Navy/Force navale iranienne     133
IranIranian Research Organization for Science and Technology (IROST)     134
IranIranian Space Agency/Agence spatiale iranienne     135
IranIRGC Air Force (and IRGC Air Force Missile Command)/Force aérienne du CGRI (et Centre de contrôle des missiles de la force aérienne du CGRI)     136
IranIRGC Logistics and Procurement/Approvisionnement et soutien logistique du CGRI     137
IranIRGC Missile Command/Centre de contrôle des missiles du CGRI     138
IranIRGC Navy/Force navale du CGRI     139
IranIsfahan Optics Industry (EOI) (IOI)     140
IranIslamic Republic of Iran Air Force/Force aérienne de la République islamique d'Iran     141
IranIslamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting/Radiotélévision de la République islamique d'Iran     142
IranJahad Engineering Services Co.     143
IranJavedan Mehr Toos     144
IranKanavaran Mining And Industrial Co     145
IranKhatem-ol Anbiya Construction Organisation/Société de construction Khatem-ol Anbiya     146
IranMapna Co.     147
IranMarine Industries Organization (MIO)     148
IranMavadkaran Jahed Noavar Co.    Mavad Karan, Mavad Karan Jahad-e-No’avar 149
IranMechanic Industries Group     150
IranMehr Engineering and Industrial Group     151
IranMeisami Research and Development Complex     152
IranMinistry of Defence Armed Forces Logistics (MODAFL)     153
IranMissile Industries Group     154
IranN.A.B. Export Co.     155
IranNaserin Vahid     156
IranNoavin Ltd.     157
IranNouavar Shad Co Ltd     158
IranOil Turbocompressor Engineering Co. (OTEC)     159
IranPalayesh Niroo     160
IranParashnoor Photonics Co.   Parashnoor Laser & Electro-Optic Co. 161
IranPars Switch Co.     162
IranPars Tablo     163
IranPassive Defence Organization     164
IranPasteur Institute of Iran/Institut Pasteur d'Iran     165
IranPhysics Research Center (PHRC)/Centre de recherche en physique (PHRC)     166
IranPouya Aflak Sepher     167
IranRAFIZCO     168
IranRazi Vaccine and Serum Research Institute in the Ministry of Jahad     169
IranSABA Battery Mfg. Co.     170
IranSABA Machinery Supplying Co.     171
IranSaba Niroo     172
IranSANAM Electronics Co. (Shahid Shahabady Industrial Complex)     173
IranShahid Beheshti University, Department of Engineering/Université Shahid Beheshti, faculté de génie     174
IranShahid Sattari Air Force University/Université Shahid Sattari de la force aérienne     175
IranShian Co.     176
IranShiller Novin     177
IranShiroudi Industries     178
IranSouth Industrial Power     179
IranState Purchasing Organization     180
IranThree Star Services Co. (T.S.S. Co.)     181
IranTSS Co.     182
IranTurbine Blade Engineering and Manufacturing Co. (PARTO)     183
IranTurbine Engine Manufacturing Industries (TEM)     184
IranValfajr 8th Shipping Line Co. SSK     185
IranZolal Iran Co.     186
IranAdvanced Fibres Development Company     187
IranAnsar Bank     188
IranAras Farayande     189
IranArfa Paint Company   Arfeh Company 190
IranAshtian Tablo   Bals Alman 191
IranAzarab Industries     192
IranBonyad Taavon Sepah     193
IranElectronic Components Industries (ECI)     194
IranESNICO (Equipment Supplier for Nuclear Industries Corporation)     195
IranEtemad Amin Invest Company Mobin     196
IranFajr Aviation Composite Industries     197
IranFarasepehr Engineering Company     198
IranFulmen    Fulmen Company 199
IranHirbod Co.     1100
IranHosseini Nejad Trading Company     1101
IranIndustrial Development & Renovation Organization (IDRO)/Organisation pour la rénovation et le développement industriel (IDRO)     1102
IranIran Centrifuge Technology Company     1103
IranIran Marine Industrial Company (SADRA)     1104
IranIran Saffron Company     1105
IranIranian Aviation Industries Organization (IAIO)     1106
IranMarou Sanat     1107
IranMehr Bank     1108
IranNeda Industrial Group     1109
IranNeka Novin     1110
IranNoavaran Pooyamoj     1111
IranParto Sanat Company     1112
IranPaya Partov   Paya Parto 1113
IranPouya Control     1114
IranSepanir Oil and Gas Energy Engineering Company     1115
IranShahid Ahmad Kazemi Industrial Group     1116
IranShahid Beheshti University (SBU)     1117
IranShakhese Behbud Sanat     1118
IranShetab Gaman     1119
IranShetab Trading     1120
IranSouth Way Shipping Agency Company Limited     1121
IranTaghtiran    Taghtiran Kashan Company 1122
IranTajhiz Sanat Shayan (TSS)     1123
IranTechnology Cooperation Office (TCO) of the Iranian President’s Office/Bureau de coopération technologique du Bureau du président de l'Iran (TCO)     1124
IranTidewater Middle East Co.     1125
IranY.A.S. Company Limited     1126
IranYasa Part     1127
IranTurbine Engineering and Manufacturing (TEM)    TEM Co. 1128
IranRosmachin     1129
IranBehnam Sahriyari Trading Company     1130
IranAluminat     1131
IranBasij-e Mostazafan    Sazman-e Basij-e Mostazafan, the Basij 1132
IranDIFACO    Dibagaran Farayand 1133
IranFaratech     1134
IranIran Pooya    Iran Pouya 1135
IranIslamic Revolutionary Guard Corps/Corps des Gardiens de la Révolution islamique   IRGC, Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution, Iranian Revolutionary Guards, IRG, Sepah-e Pasdaran-e Enghelab-e Eslami/GRI, CGRI, l'Armée des Gardiens de la Révolution islamique, Gardiens de la Révolution iranienne, Sepah-e Pasdaran-e Enghelab-e Eslami et Pasdaran 1136
IranJahan Tech Rooyan Pars     1137
IranMandegar Baspar Asia   Mandegar Baspar Fajr Asia 1138
IranNegan Parto Khevar     1139
IranNiksa Nirou     1140
IranSazeh Morakab     1141
IranSharif University of Technology, Department of Engineering/Université de technologie de Sharif, Faculté de génie     1142
IranTarh O Palayesh     1143
IranThe Iranian Institute for Composite Materials     1144
IranAtomic Fuel Development Engineering Company (MATSA)     1145
IranBaghyatollah Medical Sciences University (BMSU)/Université des sciences médicales Baghyatollah (USMB)   Bagiatollah Medical Sciences University, Baghiatollah Medical Sciences University, Baqyatollah Medical Sciences University, Baqiyatallah Medical Sciences University, Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences, Baqiatollah, Medical Sciences University/Université des sciences médicales Bagiatollah, Université des sciences médicales Baghiatollah, Université des sciences médicales Baqyatollah, Université des sciences médicales Baqiyatallah, Université Baqiyatallah des sciences médicales et Université des sciences médicales Baqiatollah 1146
IranBank Hekmat Iranian     1147
IranExplosion and Impact Technology Research Centre/Centre de recherche en technologie des explosions et des impacts     1148
IranMahan Air     1149
IranMobarakeh Esfahan Steel Company     1150
IranMowj Nasr Gostar Communications and Electronics Company     1151
IranOfogh Toseeh Saberin Engineering Company     1152
IranOil Pension Fund Investment Company     1153
IranPardis Sabz Mellal Company     1154
IranPars Amayesh Sanaat Kish     PASK, Vacuumkaran, Vacuum Karan, Vacuum Karan Co. 1155
IranPishro Systems Research Company    Pishro Company, Advanced Systems Research Company, ASRC, Center for Advanced Systems Research, CRAS 1156
IranSamen AlAiemeh Credit Cooperative   Samen Credit Cooperative 1157
IranTehran Gostaresh Company   Tehran Gostaresh Co. PJS 1158
IranToseeh Etemad Investment Company     1159
IranNavid Composite Material Company     1160
IranBank Sepah     1161
Iran  AbedzadehAbdolreza  21
Iran  JamshidianAli Akbarpour  22
Iran  FazliAli   23
Iran  MasoumianFarhoud  24
Iran  FarahaniGholam Reza Jalali  25
Iran  RamezaniGholamhossein  26
Iran  MoslehiHeydar   27
Iran  HamadaniHossein  28
Iran  NejatHossein   29
Iran  TaebHossein   210
Iran  Darvish-VandJavad   211
Iran  DaneshjuKamran   212
Iran  JafariMohammad Ali  213
Iran  PakpourMohammad   214
Iran  RudsariMohammad Shafi’i   215
Iran  NajjarMostafa Mohammad  216
Iran  QasemiRostam   217
Iran  DavudiSekhavatmand   218
Iran  FarahiSeyyed Mahdi  219
Iran  JavaniYadollah  220
Iran  ShahlaiAbdul Reza   221
Iran  ShakuriAli Gholam  222
Iran  AbdollahiHamed   223
Iran  ArbabsiarManssor   224
Iran  NouriAli Ashraf  225
Iran  Saidi Hojatoleslam AliHojjat-al-Eslam Ali Saidi, Hojjat-al-Eslam Ali Saeedi 226
Iran  Zadeh Amir Ali HajiAmir Ali Hajizadeh 227
Iran  BakhshayeshAli   228
Iran  FadaviAli   229
Iran  HosynitashAli   230
Iran  IbrahimiAyatollah   231
Iran  MahmoudzadehEbrahim  232
Iran  HaeriMojtaba   233
Iran  FatahParviz   234
Iran  KhakiParviz   235
Iran  PournaghshandHossein  236
Iran  FarghadaniRahim Reza   237
Iran  NooshinSeyed Mirahmad  238
Iran  HashemiSeyed Mohammad  239
Iran  MusaviSayyed Javad  240
Iran  KetabachiMehrdada Akhlaghi   241
Russia  GLAZ’YEVSergey Yur’yevich  11
Russia  KLISHASAndrei   12
Russia  MATVIYENKOValentina Ivanovna  13
Russia  MIZULINAYelena Borisovna  14
Russia  ROGOZINDmitry Olegovich  15
Russia  SLUTSKIYLeonid Eduardovich  16
Russia  SURKOVVladislav Yur’yevich  17
Russia  OZEROVViktor Alekseevich  18
Russia  DZHABAROVVladimir Michailovich  19
Russia  RYZHKOVNikolai Ivanovich  110
Russia  BUSHMINEvgeni Viktorovich  111
Russia  TOTOONOVAleksandr Borisovich  112
Russia  PANTELEEVOleg Evgenevich  113
Russia  MIRONOVSergei Mikhailovich  114
Russia  ZHELEZNYAKSergei Vladimirovich  115
Russia  VITKOAleksandr Viktorovich  116
Russia  SIDOROVAnatoliy Alekseevich  117
Russia  GALKINAleksandr   118
Russia  BAHKINArkadii Viktorovich  119
Russia  FURSENKOAndrei Alexandrovich  120
Russia  GROMOVAlexei   121
Russia  IGNATENKOVitalii Nikitich  122
Russia  IVANOVSergei   123
Russia  IVANOVVictor Petrovich  124
Russia  KOHZINVladimir Igorevich  125
Russia  KOVALCHUKYuri Valentinovich  126
Russia  MARGELOVMikhail Vitalevich  127
Russia  NARYSHKINSergey Yevgenyevich  128
Russia  PLIGINVladimir   129
Russia  SERGUNIgor Dmitrievich  130
Russia  TIMCHENKOGennady  131
Russia  USHAKOVYury Viktorovich  132
Russia  VOLODINVyaecheslav   133
Russia  KOZAKDmitry  134
Russia  PUSHKOVAleksey   135
Russia  BABAKOVAlexander Mikhailovich  136
Russia  BELAVENTSEVOleg Evgenyevich  137
Russia  MOROVEvgeniy Alexsevevich  138
Russia  ZHIRINOVSKYVladimir Volfovich  139
Russia  ROTENBERGArkady   140
Russia  ROTENBERGBoris   141
Russia  GERASIMOVValery Vasilevich  142
Russia  GIRKIN IgorIgor STRELKOV 143
Russia  MENYAILOSergei Ivanovich  144
Russia  NEVEROVSergei Ivanovich  145
Russia  SAVELYEVOleg Genrikhovich  146
Russia  SHVETSOVALudmila Ivanovna  147
Russia  SHAMANOVVladimir  148
Russia  BESEDASergei Orestovoch  149
Russia  BORTNIKOVAleksandr Vasilievich  150
Russia  DEGTYAREVMikhail Vladimirovich  151
Russia  FRADKOVMikhail Efimovich  152
Russia  GRYZLOVBoris Vyacheslavovich  153
Russia  KADYROVRamzan Akhmadovitch  154
Russia  KULISHOVVladimir Georgyevich   155
Russia  NURGALIEVRashid Gumarovich  156
Russia  PATRUSHEVNikolai Platonovich  157
Russia  SHCHEGOLEVIgor   158
Russia  TKACHYOVAlexander Nikolayevich  159
Russia  TRAVKINValerii Yuriovych  160
Russia  SHAMALOVNikolay Terentievich  161
Russia  MALOFEEVKonstantin Valerevich  162
Russia  BULGAKOVDmitry Vitalievich  163
Russia  SADOVENKOYuriy Eduardovich  164
Russia  BOGDANOVSKIYNikolai Vasilyevich  165
Russia  SALYUKOVOleg Leonidovich  166
Russia  KALASHNIKOVLeonid Ivanovich  167
Russia  LEBEDEVIgor Vladimirovich  168
Russia  LEBEDEVOleg Vladimirovich  169
Russia  LEVICHEVNikolai Vladimirovich  170
Russia  MELNIKOVIvan Ivanovich  171
Russia  NIKITINVladimir Stepanovich  172
Russia  RODKINAndrei Nikolaevich  173
Russia  VASILYEVVladimir Abdualiyevich  174
Russia  VODOLATSKYViktor Petrovich  175
Russia  VOROBYOVYuri Leonidovich  176
Russia  ZHUROVASvetlana Sergeevna  177
Russia  ANTONOVAnatoly   178
Russia  CHEMEZOVSergey   179
Russia  KARTAPOLOVAndrei   180
Russia  KISELYOVDmitry   181
Russia  KOBZONIosif   182
Russia  KULIKOVValery   183
Russia  NAUMETSAleksey   184
Russia  NOSATOVAlexander   185
Russia  RASHKINValery   186
Russia  TURCHENYUKIgor   187
Russia  ZALDOSTANOVAlexander   188
Russia  DUGINAleksandr  189
Russia  KANISHCHEVPavel  190
Russia  KOVALENKOAndrey  191
Russia  IOFFEEduard  192
Russia  OMELCHENKOAleksander  193
RussiaAktsionerny Bank Russian Federation   Bank Rossiya 1, Part 21
RussiaAquanika     1, Part 24
RussiaAvia Group LLC     1, Part 25
RussiaAvia Group Nord LLC     1, Part 26
RussiaCJSC Zest     1, Part 27
RussiaInvestCapitalBank     1, Part 28
RussiaJSB Sobinbank     1, Part 29
RussiaSakhatrans LLC     1, Part 210
RussiaSMP Bank     1, Part 211
RussiaStroygazmontazh     1, Part 212
RussiaStroytransgaz Group     1, Part 213
RussiaStroytransgaz Holding     1, Part 214
RussiaStroytransgaz LLC     1, Part 215
RussiaStroytransgaz OJSC     1, Part 216
RussiaStroytransgaz-M LLC     1, Part 217
RussiaThe Limited Liability Company Investment Company Abros     1, Part 218
RussiaVolga Group     1, Part 219
RussiaAlmaz-Antey     1, Part 220
RussiaFederal State Unitary Enterprise State Research and Production Enterprise Bazalt     1, Part 221
RussiaJSC Concern Sozvezdie     1, Part 222
RussiaJSC MIC NPO Mashinostroyenia     1, Part 223
RussiaKalashnikov Concern     1, Part 224
RussiaKBP Instrument Design Bureau     1, Part 225
RussiaRadio-Electronic Technologies     1, Part 226
RussiaUnited Shipbuilding Corporation     1, Part 227
RussiaDobrolet   Dobrolyot 1, Part 228
RussiaRussian National Commercial Bank     1, Part 229
RussiaOJSC Dolgoprudny Research Production Enterprise (DNPP)     1, Part 230
RussiaJSC Kalinin Machine-Building Plant (MZiK)     1, Part 231
RussiaMitischinskii Machine-Building Plant OAO (MMZ)     1, Part 232
RussiaInstitute of Instrument Design (NIIP)     1, Part 233
RussiaMarine Scientific Research Institute of Radioelectronics “Altair” (MNIIRE “Altair”)     1, Part 234
RussiaPublic Movement “Novorossiya”     1, Part 235
RussiaEurasian Youth Union     1, Part 236
RussiaJSC Sirius     1, Part 237
RussiaJSC Tula Arms Plant     1, Part 238
RussiaJSC United Aircraft Corporation     1, Part 239
RussiaMarshall Capital Fund     1, Part 240
RussiaNight Wolves Motorcycle Club     1, Part 241
RussiaOAO JSC Chemcomposite     1, Part 242
RussiaOAO Wysokototschnye Kompletski     1, Part 243
RussiaOJSC Stankoinstrument     1, Part 244
RussiaOPK Oboronprom     1, Part 245
RussiaInresbank LLC     1, Part 246
RussiaJSCB Mosoblbank OJSC     1, Part 247
RussiaOAO Volgogradneftemash     1, Part 248
RussiaIzhevsky Mekhanichesky Zavod JSC     1, Part 249
RussiaJSP SPA Izhmash     1, Part 250
RussiaJSC Technopromexport     1, Part 251
RussiaTechnodinamica Holding, JSC     1, Part 252
RussiaJSC Tecmash   Tehmash 1, Part 253
RussiaRuselectronics, JSC     1, Part 254
RussiaShvabe Holding, JSC     1, Part 255
RussiaGazprombank OAO     21
RussiaVEB     22
RussiaVTB Bank OAO     23
RussiaBank of Moscow     24
RussiaRussian Agricultural Bank    (Rosselkhozbank) 25
RussiaSperbank     26
RussiaOAO Novakek     31
RussiaRosneft     32
RussiaOJSC Gazprom     33
RussiaOJSC Gazprom Neft     34
RussiaOJSC Surgutneftegas     35
RussiaTransneft OAO     36
South Sudan  CHANUONGMarial   N/A1
South Sudan  GADETPeter   N/A2
SyriaGeneral Intelligence Directorate/Service du renseignement général     11
SyriaPresidential Guard/Garde présidentielle     12
SyriaPolitical Security Directorate/Service de la sécurité politique     13
SyriaSyrian Military Intelligence/Service du renseignement militaire syrien     14
SyriaSyrian Air Force Intelligence/Service du renseignement de l'armée de l'air syrienne     15
SyriaSyrian Ministry of Defence/Ministère syrien de la Défense     16
SyriaSyrian Ministry of the Interior/Ministère syrien de l'Intérieur     17
SyriaCommercial Bank of Syria/Banque commerciale de Syrie     18
SyriaSyriatel     19
SyriaBena Properties     110
SyriaAl Mashreq Investment Fund     111
SyriaHamcho International     112
SyriaMilitary Housing Establishment (MILIHOUSE)     113
SyriaMada Transport     114
SyriaCham Investment Group     115
SyriaReal Estate Bank     116
SyriaCham Holdings     117
SyriaAddounia TV     118
SyriaRamak Construction     119
SyriaEl-tel     120
SyriaSouruh     121
SyriaAl Furat Petroleum Company     122
SyriaAl Watan     123
SyriaBusiness Lab     124
SyriaCentre d’études et de recherches syrien (CERS)     125
SyriaCham Press TV     126
SyriaHandasieh – Organization for Engineering Industries     127
SyriaIndustrial Solutions     128
SyriaMechanical Construction Factory (MCF)     129
SyriaSyria Trading Oil Company     130
SyriaSyronics-Syrian Arab Co. for Electronic Industries     131
SyriaDier ez-Zor Petroleum Company     132
SyriaEbla Petroleum Company     133
SyriaDijla Petroleum Company     134
SyriaIndustrial Bank     135
SyriaPopular Credit Bank     136
SyriaSaving Bank     137
SyriaAgricultural Cooperative Bank     138
SyriaCentral Bank of Syria/Banque centrale de Syrie     139
SyriaSyrian Petroleum Company     140
SyriaMahrukat Company   Syrian Company for the Storage and Distribution of Petroleum Products/Entreprise syrienne en charge du stockage et de la distribution des produits pétroliers 141
SyriaGeneral Organization of Radio and TV/Organisme général de la radio et de la télévision   GORT/ORTAS 142
SyriaGeneral Organization of Tobacco/Monopole syrien des tabacs     144
SyriaSyrian International Islamic Bank/Banque islamique internationale de la Syrie     145
SyriaSyrian National Security Bureau/Bureau syrien de la sécurité nationale     146
SyriaDrex Technologies S.A.     147
SyriaCotton Marketing Organization     148
SyriaSyrian Arab Airlines   Syrian Air 149
SyriaMegatrade     150
SyriaExpert Partners     151
SyriaSyria’s Army Supply Bureau/Bureau d'approvisionnement de l'armée syrienne     152
SyriaHigher Institute of Applied Science and Technology (HIAST)     153
SyriaMahrous Group     154
SyriaNational Standards and Calibration Laboratory (NSCL)     155
SyriaOrganization for Technological Industries (OTI)     156
SyriaSigma Tech     157
Syria  al-AssadBashar   21
Syria  al-ShaaraFarouk   22
Syria  SafarAdel   23
Syria  MahmoudAli Habib  24
Syria  al-AssadMaher   25
Syria  MamloukAli   26
Syria  al-ShaarMuhammad Ibrahim  27
Syria  NajibAtif   28
Syria  MakhloufHafez   29
Syria  ZaytunMohammad Dib  210
Syria  AbbasAmjad   211
Syria  MakhlufRami   212
Syria  QudsiyahAbd-al-Fattah  213
Syria  HassanJamil   214
Syria  GhazaliRustom   215
Syria  al-AssadFawwaz   216
Syria  al-AssadMunzir   217
Syria  ShawkatAsif   218
Syria  IkhtiyarHisham   219
Syria  KhayrbikMuhammad Nasif  220
Syria  HamchoMohamed   221
Syria  MakhloufIyad   222
Syria  Al HassanBassam   223
Syria  RajihaDawud   224
Syria  MakhloufIhab   225
Syria  MuflehMohammad   226
Syria  YounesTawfiq   227
Syria  MakhloufMohammed   228
Syria  JabirAyman   229
Syria  ChalicheZoulhima   230
Syria  ChalicheRiyad   231
Syria  QaddurKhalid   232
Syria  Al-QuwatliRa’if  233
Syria  Al-AssadHayel   234
Syria  Al-SalimAli   235
Syria  ShahadahRafiq   236
Syria  JamiJami   237
Syria  Al-TurkmaniHassan Bin-Ali  238
Syria  BukhaytanMuhammad Said  239
Syria  DoubaAli   240
Syria  Al-HusaynNawful   241
Syria  SukkarHusam   242
Syria  ZamriniMuhammed   243
Syria  Adanov (Adnuf)Munir   244
Syria  KhalilGhassan   245
Syria  JabirMohammed   246
Syria  HassanSamir   247
Syria  ChehabiFares   248
Syria  AkhrasTarif   250
Syria  AnboubaIssam   251
Syria  Al-MoallemWalid   252
Syria  ShaabanBouthaina   253
Syria  AliAli Abdul Karim  254
Syria  AwwadTayseer Qala  255
Syria  MahmoudAdnan Hassan  256
Syria Major General/major-généralAl-AhmadJumah   260
Syria ColonelAl-AliLu’ai   261
Syria Lt. General/lieutenant-généralAl-FurayjJasim   262
Syria General/généralAslan Aous Aws Aslan 263
Syria Lt. General/lieutenant-généralAyyub Ali Abdullah  264
Syria General/généralBelalGhassan   265
Syria  BerriAbdullah   266
Syria  ChaouiGeorge   267
Syria Major General/major-généralHamad Zuhair   268
Syria  IsmaelAmar   269
Syria  IsmailMujahed   270
Syria  BekSaqr Khayr  271
Syria Major General/major-généralMahmud Wajih   272
Syria  MoulhemKifah   273
Syria Major General/major-généralNazih    274
Syria  SabbaghBassam   275
Syria Major General/major-généralTawil Fu’ad  276
Syria Lt. General/lieutenant-généralTlass Tala Mustafa  277
Syria Major General/major-généralAl-HassanIbrahim   278
Syria Lt. General/lieutenant-généralAl-JassimFahid   279
Syria  Al-JleilatiMohammad   280
Syria Dr.Al-ShaarMohammad Nidal  281
Syria  Al-ShaarMuahmamd   282
Syria  Al-TaweelKhald   283
Syria BrigadierBarakat Ali   284
Syria  FayadGhiath   285
Syria BrigadierHassun Nazih   286
Syria Captain/capitaineJdiid Maan   287
Syria BrigadierMakhluf Talal   288
Syria BrigadierZghraybih Khalil   289
Syria BrigadierSafi Jawdat Ibrahim  290
Syria Major General/major-généralDurgham Muhammad Ali  291
Syria Major General/major-généralRamadan Ramadan Mahmoud  292
Syria BrigadierJarad Ahmed Yousef  293
Syria Major General/major-généralSuleiman Naim Jasem  294
Syria BrigadierSultan Jihad Mohamed  295
Syria Major General/major-généralHamoudeh Fo’ad  296
Syria Major General/major-généralAqel Bader   297
Syria BrigadierAfif Ghassan   298
Syria BrigadierMaaruf Mohamed   299
Syria BrigadierIsmail Yousef   2100
Syria BrigadierYunes Jamal   2101
Syria BrigadierMakhlouf Mohsin   2102
Syria BrigadierDawwa Ali   2103
Syria BrigadierKhaddor Mohamed   2104
Syria Major General/major-généralHassanSuheil Salman  2105
Syria  NasserWafiq   2106
Syria  DibeAhmed   2107
Syria  al-KhattibMakhmoud   2108
Syria  IbrahimMohamed Heikmat  2109
Syria  Al-AliNasser   2110
Syria Dr.Al-HalqiWael Nader  2112
Syria  AzzamMansour Fadlallah  2113
Syria Dr.SabouniEmad Abdul-Ghani  2114
Syria  AllawSufian   2115
Syria Dr.SlakhoAdnan   2116
Syria Dr.Al-RashedSaleh   2117
Syria Dr.AbbasFayssal   2118
Syria  Al Assad Anisa Anisah Al Assad 2119
Syria  Al Assad Bushra Bushra Shawkat 2120
Syria  Al Assad Asma Asma Fawaz Al Akhras 2121
Syria  Al Assad Manal Manal Al Ahmad 2122
Syria  KhamisImad Mohammad Deeb  2123
Syria  GhalawanjiOmar Ibrahim  2124
Syria  SuwaidJoseph   2125
Syria  JeraatliGhiath   2126
Syria  FarzatHussein Mahmoud  2127
Syria  Al-AhmadYousef Suleiman  2128
Syria  al-SariHassan   2129
Syria  MaylehAdib   2133
Syria BrigadierMasa Sha’afiq  2134
Syria BrigadierQadour Burhan   2135
Syria BrigadierHamad Salah   2136
Syria BrigadierKhallouf Muhammad Abou Ezzat 2137
Syria Major General/major-généralAl-AhmedRiad   2138
Syria BrigadierMahmoud Abdul Salam Fajr  2139
Syria Brigadieral-AhmedJawdat   2140
Syria ColonelMihoub Qusay   2141
Syria ColonelAl-AbdullahSuhail   2142
Syria BrigadierKhudr Khudr   2143
Syria BrigadierMa’alaIbrahim   2144
Syria BrigadierAl-HamedFiras   2145
Syria BrigadierLuqa Hussam   2146
Syria BrigadierTaha Taha   2147
Syria Brigadieral-AliNasr   2148
Syria  BilalBassel   2149
Syria  KafanAhmad   2150
Syria  al-MisriBassam   2151
Syria  al-JarrouchehAhmed   2152
Syria  Kassouha Michel Ahmed Salem, Ahmed Salem Hassan 2153
Syria General/généralIsmail Ghassan Jaoudat  2154
Syria General/généralal-AchiAmer   2155
Syria General/généralNasrMohammed Ali  2156
Syria General/généralHallaq Issam   2157
Syria  IsmaelEzzedine   2158
Syria  Joumaa Samir Abou Sami 2159
Syria Major GeneralYunus Ali   2160
Syria  Al-AbdullahSubhi Ahmad  2161
Syria  Al-AssafSafwan   2162
Syria  Al-NasserHala Mohammad  2163
Syria  Al-SayyedMohammad Abdul-Sattar  2164
Syria  Al-SibaeiYasser   2165
Syria  Al-WazzHazwan   2166
Syria  Al-ZoubiOmran Ahed  2167
Syria  HabibRadwan   2168
Syria  HaidarAli   2169
Syria  HannaBassam   2170
Syria  HneidiSaid Mu’zi  2171
Syria  JamilQadri   2172
Syria  KurdiFuad Shukri  2173
Syria  MihbekMohammad Zafer  2174
Syria  MoallaMohammad Yehya  2175
Syria  MshawehLubanah   2176
Syria  SaidMahmoud Ibrahim  2177
Syria  SarkisNazira Farah  2178
Syria  ZakaryaJassim Mohammad   2179
Syria  al-FreijFahd   2180
Syria Dr.Al SikhnyAdnan Abdo  2181
Syria  Al AhmadNajm Hamad   2182
Syria Dr.Al NayefAbdul Salam  2183
Syria  Al SayedMohammad Turki   2184
Syria  KhreitNajm-eddin  2185
Syria  HusseinAbdullah Khaleel  2186
Syria  ShaheenJamal Sha’ban  2187
Syria  OthmanRaza   2189
Syria  ArmanaziAmr   2190
Syria  SalamehAdib  2191
Syria  HilwehAdnan Aboud  2192
Syria  MawasJawdat Salbi   2193
Syria  KhalilTahir Hamid  2194
Syria  Hilal Hilal   2195
Syria  al-SabbanBishr  2196
Syria  Abdul-QaderAhmad Sheik  2197
Syria Dr. KhalafGhassan Omar  2198
Syria  al-SayyedKhayr al-Din  2199
Syria  NaddaAtefAtef Naddaf 2200
Syria  MakhloufHussein  2201
Syria  Al-ZafirAli  2202
Syria  GhanemAli   2203
Syria  TourjmanMohammed Ramez  2204
Syria  al-AhmedMohammed  2205
Syria  HamoudAli  2206
Syria  KharboutliMohammed Zuhair   2207
Syria  HamdanMaamoun  2208
Syria  al-HasanNabil   2209
Syria  al-HamuAhmad  2210
Syria  al-GharbiAbdullah  2211
Syria  AbdullahAbdullah  2212
Syria  AbdullahSalwa  2213
Syria  Sa’adRafe’a Abu  2214
Syria  HosniWafiqa  2215
Syria  Al-QadiriRima  2216
Syria  DurghamDuraid   2217
Syria  AbbasGhassan  2218
Syria  AhmadFiras  2219
Syria  BallulAhmad  2220
Syria  BilalMuhammad Nafi   2221
Syria  BitarBayan  2222
Syria  DabulSamir   2223
Syria  DahiYasin Ahmad   2224
Syria  DarwishSaji Jamil   2225
Syria  al-HasanSuhayl Hasan  2226
Syria  HawraniHabib  2227
Syria  HaydarZuhayr  2228
Syria  IbrahimMuhammad  2229
Syria  MahallaMuhammad Mahmud  2230
Syria  MuallaBadi’   2231
Syria  RahmunMuhammad Khalid  2232
Syria  ShihadahRafiq  2233
Syria  WanusAli   2234
Ukraine  AKSYONOVSerhiy Valeriyovich  11
Ukraine  KONSTANTYNOVVolodymyr Andriyovych  12
Ukraine  MEDVEDCHUKViktor Volodymyrovich  13
Ukraine  TEMIRGALIEVRustam Ilmirovich  14
Ukraine  BEREZOVSKIYDeniz Valentinovich  15
Ukraine  CHALIYAleksei Mikhailovich  16
Ukraine  ZIMAPyotr Anatoliyovych  17
Ukraine  ZHEREBTSOVYuriy  18
Ukraine  TSEKOVSergey Pavlovych  19
Ukraine  MALYSHEVMikhail   110
Ukraine  MEDVEDEVValery   111
Ukraine  KOVATIDIOlga Fedorovna  112
Ukraine  PROKOPIVGerman   113
Ukraine  BOLOTOVValeriy  114
Ukraine  PURGINAndriy   115
Ukraine  PUSHYLINDenys   116
Ukraine  TSYPLAKOVSergey Gennadevich  117
Ukraine  JAROSHPetr Grigorievich  118
Ukraine  KOZYURAOleg Grigorievich  119
Ukraine  PONOMARIOVViacheslav   120
Ukraine  BEZLERIgor Mykolaiovych  121
Ukraine  KAKIDZYANOVIgor   122
Ukraine  TSARIOVOleg   123
Ukraine  LYAGINRoman   124
Ukraine  MALYKHINAleksandr   125
Ukraine  POKLONSKAYANatalia Vladimirovna   126
Ukraine  SHEVCHENKOIgor Sergeievich  127
Ukraine  ANOSOVViktor Yuriiovych  128
Ukraine  APRAKSIMOVViacheslav Anatoliiovych  129
Ukraine  BEREZINFedir Dmytrovych  130
Ukraine  ILKAEVRuslan Yunirovish  131
Ukraine  KAUROVValery Vladimirovich  132
Ukraine  KHODAKOVSKYIOleksandr Sergiyovych  133
Ukraine  KOZITSYNMykola Ivanovych  134
Ukraine  MOZGOVYIOleksii Borysovych  135
Ukraine  MUSIIENKOValerii Kostiantynovych  136
Ukraine  PETROVViacheslav Mykolaiovych  137
Ukraine  PLOTNYTSKYIhor Venedyktovych  138
Ukraine  PROTSENKOYurii Oleksandrovych  139
Ukraine  VASINOleh Anatoliiovych  140
Ukraine  ZDRILIUKSerhii Anatoliyovych  141
Ukraine  ANTYUFEYEVVladimir   142
Ukraine  BASHIROVMarat   143
Ukraine  BORODAIAlexsandr Yurivich  144
Ukraine  IVAKINYuriy   145
Ukraine  KALYUSSKYAlexandr Alexsandrovich  146
Ukraine  KARYAKINAleksey   147
Ukraine  KHRYAKOVAlexandr   148
Ukraine  NIKITINVasyl   149
Ukraine  GUBAREVPavel Yurevich  150
Ukraine  GUBAREVAEkaterina Yurevna  151
Ukraine  TCHIGRINAOksana  152
Ukraine  LITVINOVBoris  153
Ukraine  ABISOVSergey   154
Ukraine  BEREZAOleh   155
Ukraine  KARAMANOleksandr   156
Ukraine  KONONOVVolodimir  157
Ukraine  MURADOVGeorgiy L’vovich  158
Ukraine  PINCHUKAndriy Yurevich  159
Ukraine  RUDENKOMiroslav Vladimirovich  160
Ukraine  SHEREMETMikhail Sergeyevich  161
Ukraine  TSYPKALOVGennadiy Nikolaiovych  162
Ukraine  ZAKHARCHENKOOleksandr   163
Ukraine  AIRAPETYANLarisa   164
Ukraine  BASURINEduard   165
Ukraine  BESEDINAOlga   166
Ukraine  BUGROVOleg   167
Ukraine  DEYNEGOVladyslav   168
Ukraine  DREMOVPavel Batya, Kazak 169
Ukraine  FILIPPOVAEkaterina   170
Ukraine  IGNATOVSergey  171
Ukraine  ISMAILOVZaur   172
Ukraine  KHALIKOVRavil   173
Ukraine  KOSTENOKIhor   174
Ukraine  KOZYAKOVSerhiy   175
Ukraine  LAPTEVALesya   176
Ukraine  LITVINSergey   177
Ukraine  MANUILOVEvgeny   178
Ukraine  MIKHAYLOVYevgeniy   179
Ukraine  MILCHAKOV Alexey Fritz, Serbian 180
Ukraine  NEKLYUDOVDmitry   181
Ukraine  ORLOVYevgeniy   182
Ukraine  PAVLOV Arseny Motorola 183
Ukraine  SEMYONOVDmitry   184
Ukraine  SHUBINAleksandr   185
Ukraine  SIVOKONENKOYuriy   186
Ukraine  TIMOFEEVAleksandr   187
Ukraine  TOLSTYKH Mikhail Givi 188
Ukraine  YATSENKOViktor   189
Ukraine  AKIMOVOleg Konstantinovich  190
Ukraine  KOFMANAleksandr Igorevich  191
Ukraine  SAVCHENKOPetr  192
Ukraine  ANYUKHINAAnna Vladimirovna  193
Ukraine  BAKHAREVKonstantin  194
Ukraine  BALBEKRuslan  195
Ukraine  BELIKDmitry  196
Ukraine  BORODULINASvetlana Alekseevna   197
Ukraine  DEMIDOVValentin Valentinovich  198
Ukraine  KIVIKOIrina Valerievna  199
Ukraine  KOZENKOAndrey  1100
Ukraine  NAZAROVMikhail Anatolievich  1101
Ukraine  PALAGINViktor Nikolayevich  1102
Ukraine  POLONSKYDmitry Anatolievich  1103
Ukraine  SAVCHENKOSvetlana  1104
Ukraine  SHAPOVALOVOleg Georgievich  1105
Ukraine  SHPEROVPavel Valentinovich   1106
Ukraine  VASYUTAAndrey Gennadievich  1107
UkraineChernomorneftegaz     21
UkraineFeodosia     22
UkraineDonetsk People’s Republic     23
UkraineLuhansk People’s Republic     24
UkraineFederal State of Novorossiya     25
UkraineInternational Union of Public Associations “Great Don Army”     26
UkraineSobol     27
UkraineLuhansk Guard     28
UkraineArmy of the Southeast     29
UkraineDonbass People’s Militia     210
UkraineVostok battalion     211
UkraineKerch ferry     212
UkraineSevastopol commercial seaport     213
UkraineKerch commercial seaport     214
UkraineUniversal-Avia     215
UkraineResort “Nizhnyaya Oreanda”     216
UkraineAzov distillery plant     217
UkraineNational Association of producers “Massandra”     218
UkraineMagarach of the national institute of wine     219
UkraineFactory of sparkling wine Novy Svet     220
UkraineCossack National Guard     221
UkraineDonetsk Republic     222
UkraineFree Donbass     223
UkraineKalmius Battalion     224
UkraineLuhansk Economic Union     225
UkraineOplot     226
UkrainePeace to Luhansk Region     227
UkrainePeople’s Union     228
UkrainePrizrak Brigade     229
UkraineProfaktor, TOV     230
UkraineSmert     Death Battalion 231
UkraineSomali Battalion     232
UkraineSparta Battalion     233
UkraineThe South-East Movement     234
UkraineZarya Battalion     235
UkraineState Enterprise Evpatoria Sea Commercial Port     236
UkraineState Enterprise Feodosia Sea Trading Port     237
UkraineState Enterprise Yalta Sea Trading Port     238
UkraineYalta Film Studio     239
Venezuela   MADURO MOROSNicolás  N/A1
Venezuela   LUCENA RAMÍREZTibisay   N/A2
Venezuela   JAUA MILANOElías José   N/A3
Venezuela   EL AISSAMI MADDAHTareck Zaidan  N/A4
Venezuela   SAAB HALABITarek Willians   N/A5
Venezuela   REVEROL TORRESNéstor Luis   N/A6
Venezuela   CHADERTON MATOSRoy Antonio María  N/A7
Venezuela   VARELA RANGELMaría Iris   N/A8
Venezuela   CARREÑO ESCOBARPedro Miguel   N/A9
Venezuela   CABELLO RONDÓNDiosdado  N/A10
Venezuela   BARREIROS RODRÍGUEZSusana Virginia  N/A11
Venezuela   BERNAL ROSALESFreddy Alirio   N/A12
Venezuela   RODRÍGUEZ GÓMEZDelcy Eloína   N/A13
Venezuela   D'AMELIO CARDIETTania   N/A14
Venezuela   ISTÚRIZ ALMEIDAAristóbulo  N/A15
Venezuela   RODRÍGUEZ GÓMEZJorge Jesús   N/A16
Venezuela   AMELIACH ORTAFrancisco José   N/A17
Venezuela   PÉREZ AMPUEDACarlos Alfredo   N/A18
Venezuela   RIVERO MARCANOSergio José   N/A19
Venezuela    SUÁREZ CHOURIOJesús Rafael N/A20
Venezuela   MELÉNDEZ RIVASCarmen Teresa  N/A21
Venezuela   LUGO ARMASBladimir Humberto   N/A22
Venezuela   GONZÁLEZ LÓPEZGustavo Enrique  N/A23
Venezuela   HIDROBO AMOROSOElvis Eduardo  N/A24
Venezuela   CEBALLOS ICHASORemigio   N/A25
Venezuela   BENAVIDES TORRESAntonio José  N/A26
Venezuela   ESCARRÁ MALAVÉHermann Eduardo  N/A27
Venezuela   OBLITAS RUZZASandra  N/A28
Venezuela   HERNÁNDEZ HERNÁNDEZSocorro Elizabeth  N/A29
Venezuela   MORENO PÉREZMaikel José  N/A30
Venezuela   GUTIÉRREZ ALVARADOGladys María  N/A31
Venezuela   MENDOZA JOVERJuan José  N/A32
Venezuela   DAMIANI BUSTILLOSLuis Fernando  N/A33
Venezuela   SUÁREZ ANDERSONLourdes Benicia  N/A34
Venezuela   ZULETA DE MERCHÁNCarmen Auxiliadora N/A35
Venezuela   DELGADO ROSALESArcadio de Jesús  N/A36
Venezuela   ORTEGA RÍOSCalixto Antonio  N/A37
Venezuela   MÉNDEZ GONZÁLEZAndrés Eloy  N/A38
Venezuela   GALINDO BALLESTEROSManuel Enrique   N/A39
Venezuela   PADRINO LÓPEZVladimir   N/A40
Zimbabwe  Mugabe Robert Gabriel 21/02/192411
Zimbabwe  Msika Joseph  06/12/1923N/A2
Zimbabwe  Mujuru Joyce 15/04/1955N/A3
Zimbabwe  Buka Flora  25/02/1968N/A4
Zimbabwe  Chigwedere Aeneas Soko 25/11/1939N/A5
Zimbabwe  Chimutengwende Chenhamo Chakezha 28/08/1943N/A6
Zimbabwe  Chinamasa Patrick Anthony 25/01/1947N/A7
Zimbabwe  Chindori-Chininga Edward  14/03/1955N/A8
Zimbabwe  Chipanga Tongesai Shadreck 10/10/1946N/A9
Zimbabwe  Chombo Ignatius Morgan Chiminya 01/08/1952N/A10
Zimbabwe  Goche Nicholas  01/08/1946N/A11
Zimbabwe  Gumbo Rugare Aleck Ngidi 08/03/1940N/A12
Zimbabwe  Jokonya Tichaona Joseph Benjamin 27/12/1938N/A13
Zimbabwe  Kuruneri Christopher Tichaona 04/04/1949N/A14
Zimbabwe  Made Joseph Mtakwese 21/11/1954N/A15
Zimbabwe  Manyika Elliot Tapfumanei 30/07/1955N/A16
Zimbabwe  Midzi Amos Bernard Muvenga 04/07/1952N/A17
Zimbabwe  Mnangagwa Emmerson Dambudzo 15/09/1946N/A18
Zimbabwe  Mohadi Kembo Campbell Dugishi 15/11/1949N/A19
Zimbabwe  Moyo Jonathan Nathaniel 12/01/1957N/A20
Zimbabwe  Moyo July Gabarari 07/05/1950N/A21
Zimbabwe  Mpofu Obert Moses 12/10/1951N/A22
Zimbabwe  Muchena Olivia Nyembezi 18/08/1946N/A23
Zimbabwe  Muchinguri Oppah Chamu Zvipange 14/12/1958N/A24
Zimbabwe  Mudenge Stan Isaak Gorerazvo 17/12/1941N/A25
Zimbabwe  Mumbengegwi Samuel Creighton 23/10/1942N/A26
Zimbabwe  Mumbengegwi Simbarashe Simbanenduku 20/07/1945N/A27
Zimbabwe  Murerwa Herbert Muchemwa 31/07/1941N/A28
Zimbabwe  Mushohwe Christopher Chindoti 06/02/1954N/A29
Zimbabwe  Mutasa Didymus Noel Edwin 27/07/1935N/A30
Zimbabwe  MutezoMunacho Thomas Alvar 14/02/1954N/A31
Zimbabwe  Mutinhiri Ambrose  22/02/1944N/A32
Zimbabwe  Ndlovu Sikhanyiso Duke 04/05/1937N/A33
Zimbabwe  Nguni Sylvester Robert 04/08/1955N/A34
Zimbabwe  Nhema Francis Dunstan Chenayimoyo 17/04/1959N/A35
Zimbabwe  Nyambuya Michael Reuben  23/07/1955N/A36
Zimbabwe  Nyoni Sithembiso Gile Gladys 20/09/1949N/A37
Zimbabwe  ParirenyatwaDavid Pagwese 02/08/1950N/A38
Zimbabwe  Sekeramayi Sydney Tigere 30/03/1944N/A39
Zimbabwe  Shamu Webster Kotiwani 06/06/1945N/A40
Zimbabwe  UdengeSamuel   N/A41
Zimbabwe  Chapfika David  07/04/1957N/A42
Zimbabwe  Charamba George  04/04/1963N/A43
Zimbabwe  Chihota Phineas  23/11/1950N/A44
Zimbabwe  Damasane Abigail  27/05/1952N/A45
Zimbabwe  DokoraLazarus   N/A46
Zimbabwe  GeorgiasAguy   N/A47
Zimbabwe  Kasukuwere Saviour  23/10/1970N/A48
Zimbabwe  Langa Andrew  13/01/1965N/A49
Zimbabwe  Machaya Jaison Max Kokerai 13/06/1952N/A50
Zimbabwe  Mahofa Shuvai Ben 04/04/1941N/A51
Zimbabwe  MalulekeTitus Hatlani  N/A52
Zimbabwe  MarumahokoReuben  04/04/1948N/A53
Zimbabwe  Matiza Joel Biggie 17/08/1960N/A54
Zimbabwe  Matonga Bright  1969N/A55
Zimbabwe  Matshalaga Obert  21/04/1951N/A56
Zimbabwe  MatshiyaMelusi Mike  N/A57
Zimbabwe  MbiririPartson   N/A58
Zimbabwe  Mudede Tobaiwa Tonneth 22/12/1942N/A59
Zimbabwe  Muguti Edwin  02/05/1964N/A60
Zimbabwe  MutinhiriTracey   N/A61
Zimbabwe  Mutiwekuziva Kenneth Kaparadza 27/05/1948N/A62
Zimbabwe  MzembiWalter   N/A63
Zimbabwe  Ncube Abedinico  13/10/1954N/A64
Zimbabwe  NyanhongoHubert Magadzire   N/A65
Zimbabwe  Rusere Tinos  10/05/1945N/A66
Zimbabwe  SakabuyaMorris   N/A67
Zimbabwe  Shumba Isaiah Masvayamwando 03/01/1949N/A68
Zimbabwe  SibandaMishek   N/A69
Zimbabwe  Stamps Timothy  15/10/1936N/A70
Zimbabwe  Zhuwao Patrick  23/05/1967N/A71
ZimbabweCold Comfort Farm Trust Co-Operative     N/A72
ZimbabweJongwe Printing and Publishing Company     N/A73
Zimbabwe ZIDCO Holdings     N/A74
ZimbabweZimbabwe Defence Industries Pvt Ltd.     N/A75
Zimbabwe  BimhaMichael Chakanaka  N/A76
Zimbabwe  ChinotimbaJoseph   N/A77
Zimbabwe  ChirembaMiriai   N/A78
Zimbabwe  DeketekePirirayi   N/A79
Zimbabwe  Dube Tshinga Judge 03/07/1941N/A80
Zimbabwe  Gono Gideon  29/11/1959N/A81
Zimbabwe  KerekeMunyaradzi   N/A82
Zimbabwe  MahosoTafataona P.  N/A83
Zimbabwe  Manyonda Kenneth Vhundukai 10/08/1934N/A84
Zimbabwe  MutasaJustin   N/A85
Zimbabwe  NkalaHerbert   N/A86
Zimbabwe Brig. Gen.NyikayarambaDouglas   N/A87
Zimbabwe  Sibanda Jabulani  31/12/1970N/A88
Zimbabwe  ZindiFred   N/A89
Zimbabwe  Charumbira Fortune Zefanaya 10/06/1962N/A90
Zimbabwe  ChimbudziAlice   N/A91
Zimbabwe  Chitepo Victoria  27/03/1928N/A92
Zimbabwe  Dabengwa Dumiso 06/12/1939N/A93
Zimbabwe  Gula-NdebeleSobuza  12/08/1954N/A94
Zimbabwe  Hove Richard  23/09/1939N/A95
Zimbabwe  HuniMunyaradzi   N/A96
Zimbabwe  Kangai Kumbirai  17/02/1938N/A97
Zimbabwe  Lesabe Thenjiwe  05/01/1933N/A98
Zimbabwe  Madzongwe Edna  11/07/1943N/A99
Zimbabwe  Malinga Joshua  28/04/1944N/A100
Zimbabwe  MaphosaFidelian   N/A101
Zimbabwe  MavhaireDzikamai   N/A102
Zimbabwe  MoyoGilbert   N/A103
Zimbabwe  MoyoHeadman   N/A104
Zimbabwe  MoyoMusa   N/A105
Zimbabwe  Moyo Simon Khaya 01/10/1945N/A106
Zimbabwe  Mugabe Leo  28/08/1962N/A107
Zimbabwe  Mugabe Sabina 14/10/1934N/A108
Zimbabwe  MujuruSolomon Tapfumaneyi Ruzambo 01/05/1949N/A109
Zimbabwe  MuzendaTsitsi   N/A110
Zimbabwe  Ndlovu Naison  22/10/1930N/A111
Zimbabwe  Ndlovu Richard  26/06/1942N/A112
Zimbabwe  Nkomo John Landa 22/08/1934N/A113
Zimbabwe  NyathiGeorge   N/A114
Zimbabwe  PatelBharat   N/A115
Zimbabwe  Patel Khantibhal  28/10/1928N/A116
Zimbabwe  PoteSelina M.  N/A117
Zimbabwe  Sakupwanya Stanley  1945N/A118
Zimbabwe  SandiEunice  N/A119
Zimbabwe  Savanhu Tendai  21/03/1968N/A120
Zimbabwe  Shamuyarira Nathan Marwirakuwa 29/09/1928N/A121
Zimbabwe  SikhosanaAbsolom   N/A122
Zimbabwe  Tawengwa Solomon Chirume 15/06/1940N/A123
Zimbabwe  TshaweJabulani   N/A124
Zimbabwe  Utete Charles  30/10/1938N/A125
Zimbabwe  Zvinavashe Vitalis  27/09/1943N/A126
Zimbabwe  BasutuAbu   N/A127
Zimbabwe  Bonyongwe Happyton  06/11/1960N/A128
Zimbabwe  BvudzijenaWayne   N/A129
Zimbabwe  Chihuri Augustine  10/03/1953N/A130
Zimbabwe  Chiwenga Constantine  25/08/1956N/A131
Zimbabwe  JangaraThomsen   N/A132
Zimbabwe  MabundaMusarahana   N/A133
Zimbabwe  Mandizha Barbara  24/10/1959N/A134
Zimbabwe  Matanga Godwin 05/02/1962N/A135
Zimbabwe  Matibiri Innocent  09/10/1968N/A136
Zimbabwe  MugaririBothwell   N/A137
Zimbabwe  MusaririMunyaradzi   N/A138
Zimbabwe  Muzonzini Elisha  24/06/1957N/A139
Zimbabwe  Shiri Perence  01/11/1955N/A140
Zimbabwe  SibandaLevy   N/A141
Zimbabwe  Sibanda Phillip Valentine 25/08/1956N/A142
Zimbabwe  MatibiriInnocent Tonderai  N/A143
Zimbabwe  VeteraiEdmore   N/A144
Zimbabwe  Zimondi Paradzai  04/03/1947N/A145
Zimbabwe  Chiweshe George  04/06/1953N/A146
Zimbabwe  KazembeJoyce   N/A147
Zimbabwe  SekeramayiLovemore   N/A148
Zimbabwe  Chapfika Abina  23/08/1961N/A149
Zimbabwe  Chinamasa Monica  1950N/A150
Zimbabwe  Chinamasa Gamuchirai  11/11/1991N/A151
Zimbabwe  ChiwengaJocelyn   N/A152
Zimbabwe  Chombo Ever  20/09/1956N/A153
Zimbabwe  Chombo Marian  11/08/1960N/A154
Zimbabwe  Gono Hellin Mushanyuri 06/05/1962N/A155
Zimbabwe  Muchinguri Natasha  1994N/A156
Zimbabwe  Muchinguri Tanya  1989N/A157
Zimbabwe  Mugabe Grace  23/07/1965N/A158
Zimbabwe  Ndlovu Rose Jaele 27/09/1939N/A159
Zimbabwe  Nkomo Georgina Ngwenya 04/08/1966N/A160
Zimbabwe  NkomoLouise S.Louise Sehulle Nhema25/08/1964N/A161
Zimbabwe  Nyoni Peter Baka 10/01/1950N/A162
Zimbabwe  Sekeramayi Tsitsi Chihrui 1944N/A163
Zimbabwe  Chigudu Tinaye Elisha 13/08/1942N/A164
Zimbabwe  Chiwewe Willard  19/03/1949N/A165
Zimbabwe  Hungwe Josaya Dunira 07/11/1935N/A166
Zimbabwe  Kaukonde Ray Joseph 04/03/1963N/A167
Zimbabwe  MafaDavid John  N/A168
Zimbabwe  MakwavararaSekesai   N/A169
Zimbabwe  MasawiEphraim Sango  N/A170
Zimbabwe  Masuku Angeline  14/10/1936N/A171
Zimbabwe  Mathema Cain Ginyilitshe Ndabazekhaya 28/01/1948N/A172
Zimbabwe  MathuthuThokozile   N/A173
Zimbabwe  MpofuRido   N/A174
Zimbabwe  Msipa Cephas George 07/07/1931N/A175
Zimbabwe  SamkangeNelson Tapera Crispin  N/A176
Zimbabwe  ZvayiCesar   N/A177
Zimbabwe  Charamba Rudo Grace 20/06/1964N/A178
Zimbabwe  Dabengwa Ijeoma  27/10/1971N/A179
Zimbabwe  Murerwa Ruth Chipo 27/07/1947N/A180
Zimbabwe  Zhuwao Beauty Lily 10/01/1965N/A181


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