On September 4, 2008, the Special Economic Measures (Zimbabwe) Regulations came into force in order to respond to the gravity of the situation in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has been in serious decline for a decade; however, events since March 2008, including a marked escalation in human rights violations and violence directed at the political opposition, a stolen election, the denial of a peaceful democratic transition and a worsening humanitarian situation have taken the crisis to a new level.


Subject to certain exceptions, the measures implemented by the Regulations include:

  • a ban on the export of arms and related material to Zimbabwe or to any person in Zimbabwe;
  • a prohibition on the transport of arms and related material to Zimbabwe aboard a Canadian vessel or aircraft;
  • a prohibition on the provision of technical or financial assistance or services relating to arms and related material, including the provision, transfer or communication of technical data, to Zimbabwe or any person in Zimbabwe;
  • requirement on any person in Canada and Canadian outside of Canada to freeze the assets of listed Zimbabwean persons and entities; and
  • a prohibition on Zimbabwean aircraft from flying over or landing in Canada.

The Regulations include a list of names of persons for which the Governor in Council believes there are reasonable grounds to believe that they are connected with the Government of Zimbabwe or persons or entities engaged in activities that seriously undermine democracy, respect for human rights and the rule of law in Zimbabwe. The Regulations provide a review mechanism to remove names from the schedule upon receipt of a petition from a designated person.

The Special Economic Measures (Zimbabwe) Permit Authorization Order, made pursuant to subsection 4(4) of the Special Economic Measures Act, authorizes the Minister of Foreign Affairs to issue to any person in Canada or any Canadian outside Canada a permit to carry out a specified activity or transaction, or any class of activity or transaction, that is restricted or prohibited pursuant to the Regulations.

Selected Documents

Regulations and Orders made under the Special Economic Measures Act:


  • Canada also has certain policy measures in place with regard to Zimbabwe. More information on these measures can be found at the following link: Canada-Zimbabwe Relations.

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