The Canadian Police Arrangement

RCMP training police in Afghanistan.

The goal of the Canadian Police Arrangement is to support the Government of Canada in its commitment to build a more secure world through Canadian police participation in international peace and peacekeeping operations. These efforts are critical to longer-term security system reform and conflict prevention. More than than 3,500 police officers have been deployed to some 60 peacekeeping missions in 30 countries around the world since 1989.

The Canadian Police Arrangement is a partnership between Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFATD), Public Safety Canada, and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), which facilitates the deployment of police officers and police experts following a request for police assistance from multilateral organizations such as the United Nations (UN), European Union (EU) as well as from individual governments.

The Canadian Police Arrangement enhances the federal government’s ability to provide:

  • Response to International Crises: The Canadian Police Arrangement mechanism strengthens the Government of Canada’s ability to plan, develop, and carry out timely action in response to international crises.

  • Capacity Building: The Canadian Police Arrangement enhances an international capacity to promote comprehensive and sustainable rule of law through the re-establishment of effective public institutions such as law enforcement and judicial systems.

  • Training and Mentoring: In states where capacities for police services are limited or non-existent, there is a need to deliver police expertise, training and advice. The Canadian Police Arrangement provides training, mentoring and police expertise to meet these needs which helps local police forces in carrying out their policing responsibilities in accordance with democratic principles and international human rights conventions.

  • Safety and Security: Through the Canadian Police Arrangement, Canada helps to rebuild and strengthen police services in fragile and conflict affected countries. This is accomplished by supporting and strengthening the national and local police forces’ capacity to maintain law and order and contribute to a safe and stable environment.