START in Guatemala

Water tower installed by START programming at the Central American Regional Peacekeeping Training Centre in Guatemala.

Programming Overview in Guatemala

Guatemala became a priority country of engagement in 2009. Since then, START has supported Guatemala’s efforts to strengthen the rule of law so as to better protect the rights of vulnerable populations.

Initiatives supported by START, through the Global Peace and Security Fund, have advanced the work of human rights defenders and national stakeholders in building accessible, functional, and accountable mechanisms for justice and security in Guatemala.

Strengthening Legal Representation on Strategic Human Rights Litigation

START supports the Canadian non-governmental organization Avocats sans frontières Canada to reduce impunity by advancing legal processes and supporting human rights defenders in Guatemala. Avocats sans frontières is helping victims, human rights defenders, and other vulnerable groups to access legal representation. The establishment of a collective of lawyers working on human rights issues has fostered dialogue for learning among lawyers and has increased the coordination and collaboration between the participating organizations.

Implementation of the National Agreement for the Advance of Security and Justice

START supports the implementation of Guatemala’s National Agreement on the Advancement of Security and Justice, which sets out the national priorities for new initiatives and institutional reforms in security and justice sectors. A coordination mechanism, managed by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), provides the technical, financial and diplomatic/political support to the priorities of the National Agreement for the Advance of Security and Justice, with the aim of fostering collaboration among government and civil society efforts.