START and the Middle East Peace Process

Canada supports the objective of comprehensive, just and lasting peace in the Middle East and the creation of a Palestinian state that coexists with Israel in peace and reinforces security. Canada recognises that a stable, peaceful and democratic society requires an effective, legitimate and accountable justice and security system.

The objectives of START’s involvement in support of the Middle East Peace Process are as follows:

  • To reform the Palestinian Authority’s security system and strengthen the rule of law in accordance with international standards.
  • To build institutional capacities of the Palestinian Authority in order to establish a safe environment in the West Bank conducive to Israel’s security priorities.
  • To establish an environment that fosters initiatives leading to dialogue between the disputing parties.

Initiatives supported by START, through the Global Peace and Security Fund, include:

  • Joint Operations Centers: The project aims to provide the Palestinian Security Forces with operational capabilities for Joint Command, Control and Communications centres within the West Bank. The existence of operational centres of this type improves liaison with Israeli Security Services.
  • Ministry of Interior Logistics Complex: This projects aims to enhance the capacity of the Ministry of the Interior in administering logistics, including by unifying all logistics departments under one central commission, and by developing and strengthening the logistics and planning capability of the Palestinian Authority’s security establishment.
  • Small Arms Safety Training Facility for the Palestinian Authority Security Forces: This project aims to provide the Palestinian Security Forces with facilities for training on firearms and appropriate safety training in the use and handling of firearms.