What's Being Said

Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters
“The conclusion of the CETA has the potential to help Canadian manufacturers and exporters diversify their sales into new export markets, increase their presence in Europe, and position Canada as a more attractive destination for manufacturing investment.”Jayson Myers, President and CEO, Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters 

Canadian Federation of Independent Business
“Canadian small- and medium-sized businesses have always favoured freer trading arrangements.  They therefore welcome the CETA agreement as it will make it easier for these firms to take advantage of opportunities in the enormous European market.  It is particularly appealing that the agreement will reduce paperwork and other costs that can be a major deterrent for small businesses.” Catherine Swift, President, Canadian Federation of Independent Business 

Canadian Chamber of Commerce
“The Canadian Chamber has always been a strong supporter of the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic Trade Agreement (CETA). A successful CETA will benefit Canadian businesses of all sizes and throughout the country. It will facilitate trade procedures, reduce technical barriers and send a clear message of support for open, rules-based global trade and investment.” Perrin Beatty, President and CEO, Canadian Chamber of Commerce  

Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance
“A Canada-EU trade agreement is vital to expanding markets for Canadian agriculture and food products. Canada exports half of its agri-food production. It is critical that we continue to identify new export opportunities for our high-quality products.”Kathleen Sullivan, Executive Director, Canadian Agri-Food Trade Alliance

Canada Europe Roundtable for Business
“The CETA negotiations come at a critical time against the backdrop of a fragile global economic recovery, when it is imperative for Canadian companies to diversify and intensify their trade and investment with major global markets. To remain competitive, innovate and prosper, the businesses that make our economy thrive know they must pursue overseas commercial and investment opportunities with new ambition. The European Union represents a huge wealth of such opportunities. An ambitious CETA will expand market access for Canadian resources, agricultural products, manufactured goods and services, enhance two-way investment, and better plug Canada into transatlantic and global value chains.” Roy MacLaren, Canadian Chairman, Canada Europe Roundtable for Business 

I.E. Canada
“I.E.Canada strongly believes that the liberalization of trade in general has significant benefits to the Canadian economy. As an ambitious and far-reaching trade agreement, CETA has the potential to provide new export markets for Canadian businesses, offer competitive advantages to Canadian companies and increase employment opportunities for Canadians both in Canada and abroad. ” —Joy Nott, President & CEO, I.E. Canada  

“A trade agreement with the European Union would give businesses on the East Coast a level playing field on which to expand, compete and invest for growth and to benefit workers, […] We welcome the government’s efforts to strengthen the transatlantic ties that make our economies stronger.” Ian Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Clearwater

Economic Development and Innovation
“Our priority here is job creation. Our priority is growing our economy. We’re not going to be able to do that if we don’t increase our exports, and so we commend Minister Fast for his efforts to reach out to the rest of the world and expand those opportunities for Ontario and the rest of the provinces to increase our employment and increase our economic opportunities.” Brad Duguid, Ontario Minister of Economic Development and Innovation

Alliance Grain Traders Inc.
“A trade agreement with the EU represents an opportunity for small and medium-sized businesses to increase growth and create jobs by diversifying their exports.” —Murad Al-Katib, Chairman of the Minister of International Trade’s Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Advisory Board, and President and CEO of Alliance Grain Traders Inc.

Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada - West
“A trade agreement with the European Union will give Canadian businesses a competitive advantage.” Celso Boscariol, President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Canada - West

Cavendish Farms
“A new agreement with European Union countries would represent significant opportunities for exporters in Atlantic Canada to develop new markets.” Robert Irving, President of Cavendish Farms

Greater Halifax Partnership
"As the increased trade flow occurs both ways, a lot of that movement will come through the Port of Halifax. Some of it may indeed be moving through the airport, through the cargo aspects, and that kind of thing […] And we know every ship that comes through the harbour creates four full-time jobs per year. Fisheries also stand to benefit because of reductions in tariffs and the ability to move more products at a better price into Europe." —Fred Morley, Executive Vice President & Chief Economist, Greater Halifax Partnership