Canada - Panama Free Trade Agreement

Chapter Nineteen

Trade-related Cooperation

Article 19.01: Objectives

Recognizing that trade-related cooperation is a catalyst for the reforms and investments necessary to foster trade-driven economic growth and adjustment to liberalized trade, the Parties agree to promote trade-related cooperation, with the following objectives:

  • a. strengthening the capacities of the Parties to maximize the opportunities and benefits deriving from this Agreement;
  • b. strengthening and developing cooperation at a bilateral, regional or multilateral level;
  • c. fostering, in areas of mutual interest relating to science and technology and innovation, new trade and investment opportunities, thereby stimulating competitiveness and encouraging innovation, including dialogue and cooperation among their respective: academies of science; governmental organizations; non-governmental organizations; universities; colleges; centers and institutes for science, research and technology; and private sector enterprises or firms; and
  • d. promoting sustainable economic development, with an emphasis on small and medium-sized enterprises.

Article 19.02: Contact Points

  • 1. The Parties hereby establish Contact Points to facilitate communication concerning the interpretation and implementation of this Chapter.
  • 2. Each Contact Point may share with the other an action plan outlining possible areas of trade-related cooperation to maximize the opportunities and benefits deriving from this Agreement.
  • 3. The Contact Points shall work jointly to establish guidelines for conducting their work and coordinate with other contact points and committees established under this Agreement, as required, on trade-related cooperation pursuant to the objectives of this Chapter.
  • 4. The Contact Points shall be responsible for ensuring communication with the relevant national institutions, as necessary, to carry out the objectives under this Chapter.
  • 5. The Contact Points may communicate by electronic mail, video-conferencing or any other means decided on by the Parties.
  • 6. The Contact Points are as follows:
    • a. For Panama:

      Ministry of Trade and Industry
      National Directorate for the Administration of International Trade Treaties and Trade Defence

      or its successor;

    • b. For Canada:

      Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
      Regional Trade Policy – Americas

      or its successor.