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You are a candidate for a Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) if you are a Canadian company and you have:

Applying for more than one CTA

You can apply for more than one CTA, but it doesn't increase your chances of being accepted.

Determine which sectors and locations fit your business best and target that specific CTA. Most companies only have time and resources to participate in one CTA at a time.

Some accelerator program graduates have repeated it a year or two later to meet more objectives. Other graduates have participated in a second CTA at a later date in a different location to reach broader markets.

If you apply and aren't successful we'd be happy to give you feedback so you can-apply to subsequent programs.

How are companies selected?

Participants are chosen in a competitive process. The Trade Commissioner Service and a panel of industry experts review the applications and decide whether applicants are eligible and a good fit for a location.

If you are chosen one of our CTA team members will contact you. Companies must be ready to commit the time and money needed for their executives to live full time in the target location.

Information you need to apply

All information submitted on the application is treated as confidential by the trade commissioners and industry experts making the selection.

Application deadlines

Our accelerator program location pages detail when you can submit an application.

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Contact us

To learn more about individual accelerators, contact your regional office of the Trade Commissioner Service. Trade commissioners can help you determine whether a CTA is right for your business, and which one is the best fit.

For general information about the CTA initiative, contact:

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