Opportunities and Benefits of CETA for Canada’s Oil and Gas Exporters

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Why export to the EU?

How does CETA benefit Canadian oil and gas product exporters?

At a glance:  EU tariff elimination under CETA
Pre-CETA tariffUnder CETA
Non-crude petroleum productsup to 4.7%0%
Light oils and preparations4.7%0%
Liquefied propaneup to 8%0%
Petroleum oils and preparations containing biodieselup to 3.7%0%
Liquefied butane0.7%0%
Paraffin Waxup to 2.2%0%
Other mineral waxes, not elsewhere specified or indicatedup to 2.2%0%
Petroleum jellyup to 2.2%0%

Temporary entry

Trade in services

Rules of origin and customs procedures

Top 5 Suppliers of Oil and Gas Products to the EU
Country% of Import Market Share
Saudi Arabia6.4%
Canada (20th)0.5%

Source: Eurostat (2016)

Under CETA, Canadian exporters of oil and gas products and services can now enjoy the advantages created from the agreement over competitors based in countries that do not have a preferential trade agreement in force with the EU.

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