Official Visits Service Standards

Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD) defines "official" visits as those which advance governmental priorities. When travelling abroad and seeking DFATD assistance, support is provided when the visit supports governmental commitments and ongoing departmental priorities.


For official visits conducted in cooperation with Canada's offices abroad, Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development has developed service standard guidelines:

These official visits service standards define what type of service we offer and for whom, in line with Government of Canada key commitments and ongoing departmental priorities.

Globalization and technological change have led to increasing numbers of governmental and non-governmental representatives as well as Canadian companies working and travelling internationally. The volume of travel has enabled an expansion of service providers in areas of international affairs and international programming.  Due to the overwhelming number of visits abroad and the resources that these visits require, the department must prioritize and provide levels of service to visits reflecting the government’s (and/or DFATD’s) priorities.


The objectives of visit guidelines are threefold:

  1. to align resources with priorities;
  2. to assist the government to demonstrate results on its international commitments; and,
  3. to increase the clarity of roles and responsibilities of DFATD vis-à-vis international partners.

The level of visit support services will be provided in line with the Government of Canada "key" priorities and departmental commitments.