Canadian international assistance in Mozambique

Mozambique’s transition from a post conflict country to one of Africa’s “frontier economies” has been impressive. After almost 30 years of struggle, the country has made strong progress in economic growth, access to basic services and in democratic development.

In spite of domestic, regional and international constraints, Mozambique is achieving development results – its GDP growth averaged 7.3% over the past decade, 89.1% of children are now in school, child mortality has dropped by 41.6/1,000 live births since 2007.

Despite this progress, Mozambique only ranks 181 out of 188 countries on the United Nations Development Programme's 2015 Human Development Index, and over half of Mozambique's population of 25.2 million lives on less than US$1.90/day. Yearly flooding and drought threaten food security and rural livelihoods. Among other obstacles that contribute to ongoing poverty is the deep-rooted inequality between women and men.

Our international development assistance

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Canada's international development program in Mozambique is directly aligned with the Government of Mozambique's 2015-2019 Five Year Plan for development (Plano Quinquenal do Governo de Moçambique 2015-2019).

Canada is one of the lead bilateral donors in Mozambique and will remain a strong champion in promoting equality between women and men, which is key to reducing poverty in Mozambique.

Canada focuses on increasing access to and the quality of education, as well as on improving access to quality health care for women and children. We also work with other donors to strengthen the capacity of the ministries of Education and Health so that they can plan, implement, monitor and evaluate their policies and programs in a more effective way.

Key anticipated results:

To ensure that the Government of Mozambique's programs in education, health, and income-generation can achieve their goals, Canada gives greater emphasis to transparency and accountability measures.

Key anticipated results:

Progress on aid effectiveness

The Government of Mozambique works with donors to ensure that the country's development priorities are supported in a harmonized, effective and efficient manner. The Government of Mozambique’s 2015-2019 Five Year Plan was endorsed by the donor community. Development assistance in Mozambique is framed by a sophisticated relationship between donors and the Government of Mozambique. Canada is an active and respected donor within this structure, and Canadian influence has had concrete results in the past.

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