Benefits for Businesses

The Government of Canada is committed to providing Canadian businesspeople and investors like you with the tools, access and support you need to reach and succeed in global markets. Free trade agreements and foreign investment promotion and protection agreements help firms compete internationally across a range of sectors. By reducing or eliminating tariffs, such agreements help level the international playing field and open up opportunities for businesses like yours. See how your business can benefit.

Agriculture and Fishing Products Sector

Canadian agriculture and fishing companies are looking beyond the border for new business opportunities, and they are finding them. In 2011, Canada is a leading exporter of agricultural and fishing products in the world, with exports valued at $21.38 billion.

Consumer Products Sector

From years of experience, Canada’s consumer products sector has developed globally recognized skills and techniques, especially in the apparel, textiles and personal care subsectors.

Forestry Sector

The forestry sector is an important part of the Canadian economy. As an $11.8 billion industry, it represents 7.1 percent of Canada’s manufacturing GDP.

Information and Communications Technology Sector

Consisting mainly of small and medium-sized companies, Canada’s ICT sector generates $168 billion in revenues annually and is recognized as a world leader in many areas. Exports are growing rapidly, especially in the Asia-Pacific region and European Union.

Infrastructure Services and Building Products Sector

The Canadian infrastructure services sector comprises architecture, construction and consulting engineering companies and also includes a broad range of greenbuilding products and energy efficient technologies who stand to benefit through increased exports to new and emerging markets.

Machinery Sector

The world understands that Canadian machinery manufacturers produce quality products worth investing in. At the end of 2011, Canada’s machinery and equipment manufacturing sector had attracted $3.3 billion worth of foreign direct investment, 38 percent more than in 2005.

Mining Sector

The mining industry forms one of Canada’s oldest, most productive and profitable sectors. It is a sector where Canadian knowledge, technology, expertise and corporate leadership play a significant international role, while also producing solid benefits here at home.

Oil and Gas Sector

From years of experience, Canada’s oil and gas sector has developed globally recognized skills and techniques, especially for working in harsh climates and cold water. Consequently, Canadian technology and expertise are in demand around the world.