Canada's Trade Initiatives: Find Your Next Market

I Know My Business Can Take On the World—My Government Is Helping Me Reach Global Markets

Our trade initiatives are helping you access new markets around the world.

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Helping Firms Compete Internationally

Trade agreements help level the international playing field and open up opportunities for businesses like yours.

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Trade Deal Helps Canada Goose Take Flight in Norway

Canada Goose is doing booming business in Norway. See how Canada's free trade agreements help the company do business and increase its market share.

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Agriculture & Agrifood Products

If your company is in Canada’s agriculture and fishing sector, Canada’s trade initiatives are creating opportunities for businesses like yours.

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Competing in the Global Market Place?

Ready to do business abroad or just assessing your international market potential? Here are steps you need to take to ensure you are prepared.

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Opening New Markets

Canada’s prosperity is linked to economic opportunities beyond our borders. In fact, trade accounts for more than 60 percent of Canada’s annual income (GDP) and one in five Canadian jobs is linked to exports.

The Government of Canada is committed to providing Canadian businesspeople and investors like you with the tools, access and support you need to reach and succeed in global markets. Read more.

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Trade and Investment Agreements by Region

About Canada’s Trade and Investment Agreements

Canada has signed trade and investment agreements in markets around the world and has many more in development. Find your next market.

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Why Free Trade Agreements Matter

Listen as Laura Dawson, president of Dawson Strategic, explains the various benefits of free trade agreements.


Did You Know?

The forestry sector is an important part of the Canadian economy. As an $11.8 billion industry, it represents 7.1 percent of Canada’s manufacturing GDP. Read more.

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