Mexico: Your Other North American Partner

In 1994 business in Mexico changed forever. With the creation of the North American Free Trade Agreement (or NAFTA) Canada, the U.S. and Mexico became the world’s largest free trade area. Since then, companies in all three countries have been deepening their relationships in what many call the North American platform. Today we’re going to explore opportunities in Mexico. I’m Michael Mancini, editor of CanadExport, the Government of Canada’s magazine for entrepreneurs who want to compete, partner and prosper in the global marketplace. Look for our magazine.

Since NAFTA was signed, Canadians have invested some $6 billion in Mexico, making Canada the fifth-largest foreign investor in Mexico. So whether you’re looking to invest, partner, set up a manufacturing operation or sell to Mexico’s growing consumer market, opportunities are plentiful. Today we’ll speak to four Canadians who will share their unique perspectives on taking on the Mexican market, and on how important our sunny southern neighbour is to Canada’s competitiveness.


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