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As part of an initiative by the Government of Canada missions in Australia, the team at CanadaDownUnder is looking to showcase some of the fun things you have experienced, new things you have learned, inspiration and / or life changing or perspectives you have brought home as a result of your time visiting/studying/working/living in Canada.

Your #Canadventure inspires others to enjoy everything the world has to offer. By sharing your story with the team, you may be featured in our next campaign. We would love to hear more about your experiences.

We look forward to hearing your stories and may reach out again in the future to learn more about your experience!

For any questions, please email

Personal release and consent form

I agree to be interviewed, photographed and/or videotaped by the Government of Canada and agree that the Government of Canada will own all rights in perpetuity throughout the world in any resulting story, photograph, audio recording and/or videotape for non-commercial use by the Government of Canada at any time in the present or future in various forms such as print, video and electronic media. I also agree that the Government of Canada will use my testimonials, the photos I took and the videos I filmed and shared with the Government. These photos and videos I have supplied may be used by the Government of Canada in perpetuity.

I consent to the use and disclosure of elements of my personal information, photographs, audio recording and/or videotapes.

I understand that my participation in the said project is voluntary and there will be no royalty fees paid to me by the Government of Canada for the rights to use this material. My consent or refusal to provide consent will not impact any immigration applications I have submitted to the Government of Canada.

I understand that this personal information has been requested by the Government of Canada officials for possible use with the public by the Government of Canada, in any public forum and in any form or by any means, including statements in Parliament.

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