Behavioural Based Interviewing

Behavioural-Based interviewing relies on the proven principle that past behaviour predicts future behaviour. Research has shown that the predictive validity of behavioural-based interviews is higher than traditional non-structured or situational interviews.

How BBI for intercultural competencies works

The Centre's Behavioural-Based Interview (BBI) evaluates candidates on competencies that have shown to be critical for intercultural effectiveness. In order to use the BBI, the core behavioural intercultural competencies for a specific position must have been established by the sending organization. Once these have been established, interviewing can begin. Candidates are asked to discuss events or situations where they demonstrated specific competencies.

Who administers the BBI?

We Do

The Centre for Intercultural Learning retains pool of qualified assessors that can conduct the interview, assess the results and report back to your organization. All evaluators are trained to administer the BBI and have prior experience in selecting for international assignments.

You Can

The Centre offers a comprehensive three-day qualification course for clients that wish to conduct their own BBI.

This qualification training is highly experiential and offers the participants one-on-one coaching with individualized feedback. Upon completion of the course, each participant receives a certificate along with a complete BBI kit containing a detailed competencies profile, an interview guide with specific questions and a rating table that the participants will be able to use with confidence.

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Where does the BBI fit within IPASS?

The Centre's International Personnel Selection System (IPASS) includes both the Behavioural Based Interviewing (BBI) tool as well as a situational judgment test called the Intercultural Adaptation Assessment (IAA). Your organization would first administer the IAA to a pool of candidates. The results of the situational judgment test would facilitate a selection process whereby qualified candidates could be further assessed using the Behavioural-Based Interviewing process.

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