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Geographia / Interknowledge
Geographia (formerly Interknowledge) is more than just a travel site, but a vast array of knowledge on destinations around the globe. Here it explores the people and the culture of the Bahamas. Viewers will find information on ancestors, cultural legacy, Bahamian life, local cuisine, cultural tours, nightlife, churches, festival, holidays, difference between the islands.
Bahamian cultureDining and CuisineJunkanoo: National Festival in The Bahamas
Lonely Planet
The Lonel Planet guide book explores a variety of travel topics including trvael tips, central information, transport, history, culture, and travelers reports.
The Government of the Bahamas
This official website of the Government of the Bahamas provides an enormous amount of information about the islands, its government and also provides access to the various Ministries.
Cultural Affairs
The Official Tourism Website of the Islands of the Bahamas
This official website provides all the information necessary for planning a trip to the Bahamas. It also includes important country information.
Local Customs
Islands of the Bahamas
This is the Official site of the Islands of the Bahamas.
Local Customs