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Singapore Tourism Board
The official web site of the tourism board of Singapore. The site offers views an overview of Singapore including history and places to visit.
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The National Heritage Board
The National Heritage Board preserves, presents and promotes the cultural heritage of Singapore. They encourage the preservation of national monuments, develop heritage programmes, mark historic sites and provide consultancy services to organisations who wish to perpetuate heritage.
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Lin Hsin Hsin Art Museum
Lin Hsin Hsin is a renowned and well-established award-winning Singapore-based artist whose works incorporate images, sculptures, poetry and music. Her ambidextrous capabilities allows her to combine the fundamentals in information technology and her passions in the aesthetics to express her ideas in digital medium unprecedented in expression and technical skills as seen in the snippets in the museum.
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Expat Singapore
Expat Singapore aims to provide the expatriate with an updated and easy-to-use on-line reference with all the information one needs on both relocating to and living in Singapore. Besides constantly updating and adding on to their site, They've also included information that is expat-specific.
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