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Czech Statistical Office
Based on acquired data, CZSO yields a reliable and consistent image about the state of the arts and development of the society according to developing needs of users of statistical service in conditions of changing environment. CZSO co-ordinates state statistical service in the Czech Republic. At the top of the page you will find the Economy rubric which will provide information about numerous economic indicators.
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Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic
The Ministry of Finance is the central government body responsible for the State Budget, the State Final Account, the Treasury of the Czech Republic, the financial markets, taxes, customs duties and fees, the financial economy, financial supervision, accounting, audit and tax consultancy, foreign-exchange policy including bills payable to and claims on foreign countries, the protection of foreign investment, regulation of lotteries and similar games, activities with state property, the privatization of state property, insurance companies, retirement funds, prices, and activities against the legalization of revenues from illegal activities.
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Index of Economic Freedom
For over a decade, The Wall Street Journal and The Heritage Foundation, Washington's preeminent think tank, have tracked the march of economic freedom around the world with the influential Index of Economic Freedom. The 2007 Index of Economic Freedom has been redesigned to be accessible to the congressional staffer and the college student, the finance minister and the financial adviser.
Index of Economic Freedom 2007 - Czech Republic
Ogranisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)
The OECD groups 30 member countries sharing a commitment to democratic government and the market economy. With active relationships with some 70 other countries and economies, NGOs and civil society, it has a global reach. Best known for its publications and its statistics, its work covers economic and social issues from macroeconomics, to trade, education, development and science and innovation.
Czech Republic
United States Energy Information Administration (USEIA)
The Energy Information Administration (EIA) is a statistical agency in the U.S. Department of Energy created by Congress in 1977. EIA's mission is to develop energy data and analyses that help enhance the understanding of energy issues on the part of business, government, and the general public.
Additional Energy Data on the Czech Republic
Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA)
The economic co-operation signed by Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovak Republic, Slovenia and Romania within the framework of the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA) covers a common market of nearly 90 million people. The CEFTA area extends from the baltic to the Adriatic and the Black Sea. CEFTA's members are countries in transition, at various stages of development and with common objectives. The desire common to all CEFTA member countries is to form market economies and secure continued development, greater welfare for their citizens, human rights, democracy and a comprehensive system which, in many of them, is already at a level comparable with that in developed market economies.
CEFTA and the Czech Republic