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Algerian Embassy in Ottawa
The official website of the Algerian Embassy in Canada. The purpose of this website is to help inform people so as to discover, to rediscover and to enjoy Algeria thanks to comprehensive and up-to-date information on its institutions, its economy, its cultural diversity, the richness of its tourism and its inheritance.
Algerian Economic Highlights
Index of Economic Freedom
For over a decade, The Wall Street Journal and The Heritage Foundation, Washington's preeminent think tank, have tracked the march of economic freedom around the world with the influential Index of Economic Freedom. The 2007 Index of Economic Freedom has been redesigned to be accessible to the congressional staffer and the college student, the finance minister and the financial adviser.
Index of Economic Freedom 2007 - Algeria
Muslim Trade Network
The Muslim Trade network offers information on the general charasteristics, legal frameworks of trade relations, main imported and exported products, trade partners, foreign trade regulations & financial regulations of foreign trade operations, applicable duties and taxes, international transports, telecommunications, distribution systems, and other topics on the Muslim countries of the world.
Algeria Index
World Bank
The World Bank came into existence on June 25, 1946. The World Bank's goal is to reduce poverty and improve living standards by promoting sustainable growth and investment in people. To achieve this objective, the bank provides loans, technical assistance and policy guidance to developing-country members. It works in more than 100 developing economies, bringing a mix of finance and ideas to improve living standards and eliminate the worst forms of poverty.
The World Bank - Profile of Algeria
The Energy Information Administration (EIA)
The Energy Information Administration (EIA) is a statistical agency in the U.S. Department of Energy created by Congress in 1977. EIA's mission is to develop energy data and analyses that help enhance the understanding of energy issues on the part of business, government, and the general public.
Energy Profile
ArabNet is owned by ArabNet Technology (ANT), part of the Saudi Research and Marketing Group, publisher of the leading newspapers and magazines in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia including Asharq Al-Awsat. It aims to provide the most comprehensive online resource on the Arab world, primarily dealing with countries in the Middle East and North Africa.
EconomyTrade & Industry
Created by the Center for International Business Education and Research at Michigan State University (MSU-CIBER), globalEDGE™ is a knowledge web-portal that connects international business professionals worldwide to a wealth of information, insights, and learning resources on global business activities.
Economy of Algeria