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The Ministry of Finance of Grenada
The Ministry of Finance is responsible for economic and physical planning, budgeting, debt management, economic policy formation, resource mobilization, cash management, tax administration, trade policy administration and promotion and supporting decision-making processes in the public and private sectors. This page provides the latest economic news of Grenada.
World Bank
The World Bank came into existence on June 25, 1946. The World Bank's goal is to reduce poverty and improve living standards by promoting sustainable growth and investment in people. To achieve this objective, the bank provides loans, technical assistance and policy guidance to developing-country members. It works in more than 100 developing economies, bringing a mix of finance and ideas to improve living standards and eliminate the worst forms of poverty.
The World Bank - Profile of Grenada
U.S. State Department - Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs
This site is managed by the Office of Electronic Information, Bureau of Public Affairs and is a portal for information from the U.S. State Department.
Economy of Grenada
International Monetary Fund
A press information notice from the IMF which includes background, an Executive Board Assessment, and a summary of selected economic indicators. The IMF is "a cooperative institution that 182 countries have voluntarily joined because they see the advantage of consulting with one another in this forum to maintain a stable system of buying and selling their currencies so that payments in foreign money can take place between countries smoothly and without delay"
IMF Concludes Article IV Consultation with Grenada
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Economy of Grenada
U.S. Library of Congress
The United States Library of Congress represents America's largest repository of knowledge. It presents information from a continuing series of books prepared by the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress under the Country Studies/Area Handbook Program sponsored by the Department of the Army.
Grenada: EconomyGrenada: Macroeconomic overviewGrenada: Banking and FinanceGrenada: Government role in EconomyEconomic Sector PerformanceForeign Trade and Balance of Payments
United States Energy Information Administration (USEIA)
The Energy Information Administration (EIA) is a statistical agency in the U.S. Department of Energy created by Congress in 1977. EIA's mission is to develop energy data and analyses that help enhance the understanding of energy issues on the part of business, government, and the general public.
EIA: Caribbean FactsheetSummit of the Americas: Energy Data
The Organization of American States (OAS)
The Organization of American States (OAS) Trade Unit was created in 1995 to assist the 34 OAS member countries with matters related to trade and economic integration in the Western Hemisphere and, in particular, with their efforts to establish a Free Trade Area of the Americas, or FTAA. Here the OAS provides full-text versions of important trade agreements between member countries.
Treaty Establishing CARICOMProtocol Amending Caribbean CommunityTemporary Agreement between CARICOM and ColombiaTemporary Agreement between CARICOM and Venezuela
General Secretariat of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States
The mission of the ACP Secretariat is to assist the citizens of Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific to accelerate their rates of development and to reduce the levels of poverty through the instrumentality of the Lomé Convention. The Convention provides a number of instruments via which the ACP and EU may cooperate in a number of ways and in a variety of fields including trade, cultural cooperation and development assistance.
ACP Group Homepage