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Atlapedia Online
Atlapedia Online houses a physical and political map for Germany.
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Federal Statistical Office of Germany
The Federal Statistical Office provides information on the social, economic, and ecological situation of the Federal Republic of Germany. This official body of the German government is obligated to produce reliable data following the principles of objectivity, neutrality, and scientific independence. The principles of statistical work and the tasks of the Federal Statistical Office are laid down in the Law on Statistics for Federal Purposes.
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The University of Texas at Austin Library
The University of Texas at Austin Library is the third largest public supported academic library in the United States. The mission of the University is to enrich the intellectual life people by fostering information discovery, enabling teaching and research, nurturing creativity, partnering in the development and dissemination of new knowledge, and contributing to the intellectual growth and fulfillment of the individual.
Maps of Germany
Facts About Germany
The website Facts about Germany invites you to get to know Germany. It offers profound basic knowledge and guidance – especially designed for readers abroad whose interest in the course of time in Germany extends beyond the casual flood of the daily news.
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Trade and Environment Database - TED
The Trade and Environment Database was created in 1990 by Dr. James Lee of the School of International Service at the American University in Washington D.C. Major funding is provided by the US Environmental Protection Agency, the Korea Foundation, the US Agency for International Development, the American University, the Wilderness Society and the National Wildlife Foundation, among others. The TED database houses the Trade and Environment Database case studies relating to trade and environment issues, and the Inventory of Conflict and Environment which looks at issues of conflict and environment. Both provide in-depth and unique analyses of cases involving specific countries, in a most interesting way.
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