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Discover Jamaica
Published by the Gleaner, the largest Jamaican daily newspaper, Discover Jamaica offers some interesting geographical information.
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Embassy of Jamaica in Washington D.C.
The official website of the Embassy of Jamaica provides a detailed overview of the island including history, geography, politics, economy, education, music, sport, culture and heritage, arts, communication, demographics and exports and imports.
The University of Texas at Austin Library
The University of Texas at Austin Library is the third largest public supported academic library in the United States. The mission of the University is to enrich the intellectual life people by fostering information discovery, enabling teaching and research, nurturing creativity, partnering in the development and dissemination of new knowledge, and contributing to the intellectual growth and fulfillment of the individual.
Maps of Jamaica
USA Today Weather Forecast for Jamaica
USA Today, a division of Gannett Co., is a diversified news and information organisation, with a circulaiton of approximately 2 million. USA Today provides a five-day forecast for amny cities around the world.
USA Today Weather Forecast for Kingston, Jamaica
Atlapedia Online
Atlapedia Online is owned and operated by Latimer Clarke Corporation Pty Ltd. Altapedia maintains an impressive database of maps that provide both political and geographical views of the world.
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ABC World Fact Book
The ABC World Fact Book presents geographical information on Jamaica taken from the CIA World Fact Book. It is presented in a point-form display that is easy to use.
ABC Country Book of Facts