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Maps of Macedonia
Exploring Macedonia - National Tourism Portal
incorporates travel information on Macedonia, Macedonian hotels, restaurants, agencies, including off- the- beaten track tours like rock art tours, various Balkan tours, cave safari, paragliding and biking tours. Here you will find information on Macedonia events, concerts, cultural and historical tours, especially about the Macedonian pearl Ohrid and the Ohrid Lake, Mavrovo and other less known but exquisite places. To the left of the page you will find various geographical rubrics.
Cities, Lakes, Mountains and National Parks
Virtual Macedonia
Virtual Macedonia is a well-contructed Web page that contains a great deal of useful information on the country.
Interactive map of Skopje (Macedonia)Roadmap of Republic of Macedonia
Dusko Koncaliev, a student at Earlham College in the U.S., has produced this page that provides a useful look at the country of his origin.
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