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Asia Travel
Asia Travel provides links to tourist information. Their goal is to provide all information and necessary reservations for your business, or leisure travel.
Malaysia Country and Travel InformationMap of Malaysia
The University of Texas at Austin Library
The University of Texas at Austin Library is the third largest public supported academic library in the United States. The mission of the University is to enrich the intellectual life people by fostering information discovery, enabling teaching and research, nurturing creativity, partnering in the development and dissemination of new knowledge, and contributing to the intellectual growth and fulfillment of the individual.
Maps of Malaysia
Formerly known as Interknowledge this travel site hosts pages on the geography, history and culture of many regions.
National ParksMap (click on location for more Information)
Atlapedia Online
Atlapedia Online is owned and operated by Latimer Clarke Corporation Pty Ltd. Atlapedia maintains an impressive database of maps that provide both political and geographical views of the world.
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CIA World Factbook
An annual compilation, the CIA World Factbook is a highly reliable source of information on many of the world's countries.