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The Afghan Daily News
A selection of daily news reports taken from Reuters, AP, and a variety of other news sources. An archive facility is also available.
The Afghan Daily News
One World
OneWorld Online is a partnership: over 100 organisations working for human rights and sustainable development. They are working together to broadcast an alternative world agenda, an agenda for a fairer world.
Reports on Afghanistan
Sabawoon News Network
The Sabawoon News Network provides daily news from Afghanistan.
Sabawoon News
The Afghan News Network (ANN)
This website is an educational non-profit resource tool located in the United States. ANN provides updated news related to Afghanistan from reliable worldwide sources. This site gathers news articles into a single location for easy research.
The latest Afghanistan News
Afghan News Network
The main purpose of this site is to collect and publish news related to Afghanistan from various news sources on the Internet. This site neither belongs to any political, religious or social organisation active within or outside Afghanistan, nor to any particular community or ethnic group. Our main objective is to serve our Afghan and non-Afghan readers and bring them upto date news related to Afghanistan.
Afghan News Network
Ariana Television Network
Ariana Television Network (ATN) formally launched in Afghanistan on Aug 15, 2005 with plans to feature programming about local culture and politics, as well as international content. In summer 2006 ATN International started its service in USA and Canada
Ariana Television Network
Radio Afghanistan
Radio Afghanistan is a non-profit organization standing neutral as to political, religious and ideological issues. The radio service is being broadcast from Toronto, Canada via Internet and is available 24 hours a day free of charge. The station is operated by dedicated young professional volunteers.
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