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BBC World News
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has-earned a worldwide reputation for authoritative, accurate and expeditious news and current affairs coverage. It has become the world's largest news-gathering organisation, with 2,000 journalists and 42 overseas newsgathering bureaux.
BBC World News and Search Engine
The Cook Islands Herald
The Cook Islands Herald provides current news articles and headlines from the islands.
CNN Interactive
CNN Interactive is the on-line service operated by Cable News Network, Inc. CNN World News provides up to date news and information services from sources around the world.
CNN Interactive Search Engine
The Washington Post
The Washington Post is one of the most respected news sources from the United States offering local, regional and international news.
Washington Post: International News
Cook Islands News Online
Cook Islands News is the daily newspaper of the Cook Islands, South Pacific. It is published from Monday to Saturday on Rarotonga and contains local and political news stories, sporting and other events, letters and features.
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