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German News Today
GermNews consists of publicly conveyed news items(radio, television, internet) that are recorded along the day and are analyzed and put together to an edition in the evening by volunteers. In the early years some commentaries from daily newspapers like the "Süddeutsche Zeitung", the "Schwäbische Zeitung" and the "Südwest Presse" had been added with their editors' consent. As the German News project is absolutely non-commercial it is not possible to access newsfeeds from news-agencies like dpa or reuters.
Spiegel Online International
This is the online English version of the German national news magazine Der Spiegel.
Spiegel Online International
Deutsche Welle - World
Deutsche Welle is Germany's international broadcaster. It carries out its legally defined mission while remaining journalistically independent. DW is Germany's media visiting card throughout the world – with DW-TV, DW-RADIO, DW-WORLD.DE and the DW-AKADEMIE.
Deutsche Welle Homepage
German Information Center - Embassy of Germany in Washington, D.C.
This extremely well-designed website is meant to be a one-stop repository of information and resources on Germany.
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