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AllAfrica Global Media is a multi-media content service provider, systems technology developer and the largest electronic distributor of African news and information worldwide. Registered in Mauritius, with offices in Johannesburg, Dakar, Lagos and Washington, D.C., AllAfrica is one of a family of companies that aggregate, produce and distribute news from across Africa to tens of millions of end users.
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Panapress is an international news and information service, providing high-quality, up-to-the-minute news coverage of the African continent. With correspondents and stringers in 51 countries, the company's coverage of the African landscape is unrivaled.
Reporters Sans Frontières
About 100 journalists are currently in prison. In more than half the world's countries, confiscation, banning and censorship of publications are everyday occurrences. Even today, nearly two billion men and women live under governments which restrict their right to know the truth. Reporters Sans Frontières, which has branches or members in more than 80 countries, is an independent organization that defends the freedom to inform and to be informed.
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Public Broadcasting System Online
PBS Online works in partnership with PBS member stations and independent producers to create a premier digital service advancing education, culture and citizenship through distinctive, interactive programming and technologies that impact people's lives.
Online NewsHour: The Continuing Violence in Algeria -- January 20, 1998Online NewsHour: Algerian Crisis -- October 1, 1997Online NewsHour: Algeria's Continued Violence -- January 22, 1997PBS Search Engine
Afrol News
Welcome. afrol News is an independent news agency, established in 2000. They exclusively cover the African continent, in English, Spanish, French and in Portuguese.
The Permanent Mission of Algeria to the United Nations
This is the official website of the Algerian Permanent Mission to the United Nations, of which Abdallah Baali is ambassador.
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Africa Intelligence
Africa Intelligence draws from a data base of 45,000 articles appearing in The Indian Ocean Newsletter, Africa Energy & Mining, La Lettre du Continent and Maghreb Confidentiel as well as all the biographies of African leaders published in the Top 100 People series. Updated almost daily from the contents of each new issue, Africa Intelligence offers open access to the first sentence of each articles.
Africa Intelligence